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The Daily Dog: Late Night Neighbor October 27, 2006

Woof to you,

Last night when I went out for my final outing, I was strolling along my front yard, sniffing all the good smells of crisp air from the ocean, leaves and grasses; minding my own sniffing business. The street was totally empty. Not a car in sight. No sounds but a few hardy crickets still hanging around singing in the dark. The cats were away doing their evening slinking and lurking or like Mr. Grey, meandering around the whole neighborhood seeing what’s what.

Well, after all he is the senior cat of the area. He’s been around the longest of any. It’s his job to check things out every day and what better time to make his rounds than when it’s dark and quiet. He has very good eyesight for seeing in the dark.

But this time I didn’t even see him or the Raccoon family or the Possum kids.

You can imagine my surprise when out of nowhere a big white dog comes bounding across the street like a speed racer right to me!

Bam! One minute he wasn’t there and the next he was. He ran so fast it was like magic!

We had a really nice visit. I learned that Mr Samoyed lives in the corner house across the street and that his gate got blown open by the wind and when he noticed me he thought he’d take the opportunity to come visit and say hello.

He is as big as I am and very fluffy white, with a black nose and keen eyes. His tail curls up around his back. He looks like a rock star. Very flashy with all that snowy white fur. I bet he could get lost in a snowstorm! No one would be able to see him in a blizzard!

Well, we chatted a bit before his human came across to get him. She worries about him running into the usually busy street. Florence was putting the trash bags in their bins while we stood getting to know one another at the front sidewalk. We were careful not to stand in the road.

Our two humoms (human moms-hee hee) chatted. Then everyone said goodnight and back home Mr. Samoyed went. I got extra fusses from Florence. She thanked me for staying safe on my own yard and hugged me.

It was a nice visit from a new neighbor. It’s good to get to know each other. Now we can say Hello when we see each other.

I’m looking forward to when winter comes. We can play Hide and Go Seek in the snow and see who can find Mr. Samoyed first!

Do you know your neighbors? Do you say hello when you see each other?

Woofs from,



I found this picture to show you of a Samoyed named Khan on at billnbenj

This is what my neighbor, Mr. Samoyed, looks like.

They could practically be twins!


The Daily Dog: Zoomy Kaboomey! October 26, 2006

Woof to you,

It’s so noisy here at my house today!

There’s been thumping and bumping and the windows are rattling like crazy.  The dishes are practically walking off their shelves and the glasses are clinking in the cabinets.  The water in my dish is moving like the ocean!

At first,  I thought it was lots more airplanes going over our house.  Sometimes they are so loud and rumbling that they shake us all awake.

But it turns out that big machines are wrecking a house over on the next block.  Smashing it into nothing.  New people bought the house and the land and want to build their own dream home so… kaboom!  Down the old house came-in only two hours!  Soon there will be bang banging of hammers and zz-zzing of saws when they start building the new house.
Wow, what a racket.  The earth was getting a pounding in our neighborhood!

And now the gardeners are here vvrooming and zoom zooming with the lawn mowers and the leaf blowers.  I can hardly hear my own thoughts.  It’s really loud!

Oh,  the grass smells good when it’s cut.  I like that part but not the machine loud sounds.  Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t hear as well as I did when I was a young puppy.  There are good sides to everything that might not seem so good at first.

Not hearing exacly the way I did when I was younger,  helps me not hear what is uncomfortably noisy.  I’m a sensitive dog,  you know.

Now that I think of it.  Getting older has given me my own set of ear plugs…age!

How do you feel about noise?

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Special Visitor October 24, 2006

Woof to you,
I thought yesterday was going to be a day of Z’s but it turned out to be a day of surprises and excitement for our neighborhood.
Our next door neighbor woke us all up from our afternoon naps by yelling, “Hey, there’s a wild animal out here!”
Of course we all went outside fast to see what it was.
It escaped from under their garbage can cover and ran into our front yard.
Mark, the boy next door who always comes to play with me, helped his Dad catch it by putting his bicycle basket over it. This way everyone could see it safely and try to figure out what it was.
It was a smallish kind of furry critter with dark brown, very nice fur and a skinned hairy kind of tail. Looked kind of round to me but on closer examination, it was a little flattened out. Mark thought the tail looked like a small animal surfboard.
It had cute little hands and feet and a pointy nose. Little eyes too.
I think it was confused and a little scared. Everyone wanted to see it and figure out what it was and where it came from and everyone talked about where the best place it should be was.
No one had seen anything like it in our yards before.
I had never seen anything like it on my nightly walks either. And I have seen possums, raccoons and rabbits at night.
At first the next door neighbors thought it was a mole and then my humans went into the house to check on their computers to see what they could find. They thought it seemed more like a pocket gopher. The picture was close to what our visitor looked like.
The neighbors called wildlife animal control but no one was there because it was closed on Sunday.
Some people thought it should just be let go but then another neighbor came over and said he and his kids had seen it wandering around for two nights in their yard.
It seemed to be lost.
Then my humans found a matching photo on line and it turned out to be a little muskrat. They found information about how it likes to live near the marsh water and eats vegetation and has burrows to live in at the water’s edge.
Boy, that sure didn’t sound like our yard, even though we have a pool in the back.
Maybe that made it think we looked like its home.
My humans, Tom and Florence, were concerned over it having its own safe home and food. It was getting windy and colder as the afternoon sun started to set. So they got a box and the boy next door helped get the little brown furry guy into it and they took it in the car to the wildlife area near us that has other muskrats and the right kind of environment and food and shelter and safety for it.
Florence talked nicely to it all the way so it wouldn’t be too scared.
I bet it was the first time the muskrat ever rode in a car!
I love riding in the car but I’m used to it and I’m big enough to look out the window.
The drive took only a few minutes.
When they got there, they parked the car and took out the box carefully. Holding it and talking gently to the critter all the way, they hiked way under the trees, into the bushes, until they got to the reeds where it was marshy.
They found a good spot where the muskrat could have choices of either going into the reeds or under the trees. They set the box down and opened it.
The muskrat kind of scooted out, looked around and ran back into the box. Then it walked out slowly and looked around and back at the box; then up at Florence.
She told him that he would meet other muskrats and make lots of new muskrat friends and that he’d have good food that was healthy for him in this new home. She told him to stay away from the roads because they were dangerous and he might get run over. (She had seen some muskrats that didn’t make it across the highway by our house and she wanted him to be safe.)
He looked up at her and listened. Then he scurried into the underbrush of the reeds; stopped; looked back one more time and zip! Off he went into his new home.
Next Florence had to find the car keys that slipped out of her pocket. Boy, if the Key Finding Angels hadn’t helped, she would have had to walk home! Plus it was getting dark.
She found the keys in wet reeds on the ground and came home to tell us that the rescue was complete and the little muskrat had found a better home than ours.
Good thing too because the information on the computer wildlife sites all said that small wild animals who wander into human neighborhoods have to look out for cats. And we do have lots of cats coming by day and night!
Lucky for this visitor. He had a very hectic visit and got home safely.
I thought he was cute and smelled interesting.
Who is the most curious visitor you’ve ever seen at your house?
Woofs from,

Hello Mr Muskrat!

Going out of the box

New you see him; now you don’t!


The Daily Dog: Sunday Snoozer October 22, 2006

Woof to you,
Just wanted to say hello and tell you I’m taking the day off!
I have a lot to do like…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
See you tomorrow.
What are you doing with your Sunday?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Fall Water October 21, 2006

Woof to you,
Wow! What happened to that nice, warm SummeryFall we had this week?
Brrruh! I slept right on the rug in the warmest room of the house last night.
When I went out this morning, the day was bright and sunshiney and windy and cold.
Good for ruffling your fur.
And guess what I found?
One of my favorite things. The water in my outside dog dish was c-c-c-cold!
I love, love, love it when my water is cold. It is so refreshing. Makes me feel all happy and waked up.
In Spanish, water is called agua. Did you know that? My friend, Petey, the Chihuahua, told me.
In winter, I love it when there is ice in my dish. I love to chomp it with my teeth.
Humans have their snow cones or shave ice and I have mine!
I don’t need any other flavors in it either. Just plain cold water.
Mmmmmm mmmm delicious!
It rained like crazy yesterday afternoon so I think there’s lots of nice, clear sky water mixed in with my spring water. Now that’s flavor!
And it tastes mighty fine after a good morning milkbone. Yummety yum.
I like to catch water with my tongue when the garden hose is on. It’s like a WaterFall in my mouth. (Get it?) Or is that an AguaFall, Petey?
Don’t you love a good cool drink of water when you’re thirsty?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Misty Morning October 20, 2006

Woof to you,
I woke up this morning and had a really good shake. Next I wandered to the window to see what was doing out in the world and what do I see?
Mr. Squirrel munching an apple in the front yard. A Golden Delicious Apple by the way. His bushy tail was waving to and fro like a fluffy, furry flag. He held the apple in his tiny paws like he was sitting up at High Tea for the Queen. Very dainty eater that Mr. Squirrel!
I could see little, teeny-tiny teeth nibbles all over the apple as he turned it around and around. His nose twitched back and forth too. He looked like he was having the best breakfast ever and the most fun.
I didn’t want to scare him so I stayed very quiet and just watched him enjoy his big treat.
Then Mr Grey silently slinked up the front walk. He had his eye on Mr. Squirrel.
Mr. Squirrel saw him coming and scampered away fast; up the cherry blossom tree; taking his apple with him which he promptly dropped- almost on that cat’s head.
Today is a Mr. Grey kind of day. Big swirling fog is rolling up the street from the ocean. I can hardly see across the road. Grey skies are closing off the world in quiet. The air is drizzly, drippy-drop rainy. I can hear the itsy bitsy drops on leaves when I listen closely. They sound plip-plop, plip-plop and then some wind comes to swirl them off the bushes and trees with a soft swoosh.
Now that I think of it, it’s kind of like me, having a good shake in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Ha. Ha. I’m a leaf dog on a misty morning, brushing my coat with a shimmy shake. That feels so good. I bet the leaves feel good too. I bet they are giggling when the raindrops kerplop.
There is no traffic on the street. The school buses have picked up all the children at their corner bus stops and taken them off to school to have fun learning and playing together.
The Blue Jays and Crows are not jabbering up their usual storm. They are too busy having berries for breakfast in the backyard bushes. Gulp. Gulp. Down the red berries go in their beaks. Can’t talk with your mouth full. I have tried and believe me, it doesn’t work as well as plain old chewing and talking later. Plus the food falls out of your mouth! And you just look goofy with crumbs all over your face.
This is a good day for curling up napping and I am going to enjoy it to the max! You know how I love a good nap.
What do you like to do on rainy days?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Good Health October 19, 2006

Woof to you,
Good to see you here today. Thanks for visiting me.
Let’s talk about good health.
My humans are always doing something for good health so I started thinking, “What do I do?”
Running around, chasing balls or leaves is good exercise. A nice walk around the neighborhood keeps me in shape. And I love to run on the beach and chase the waves and shore birds. That is healthy too.
Since I am what is considered a ‘senior dog,’ I eat meals lower in fats and high in fiber and vitamins and minerals. It says so right on my bag of kibble.
Yesterday, my humans brought me a giant bag of food. Boy, I was drooling with excitement seeing them come through the front door with that giant package! I knew by the smell that this was all for me. My humans don’t eat my food though I would share with them if they wanted some.
Today, Florence is going to get me healthy treats. I heard her say that she put large size dog milk bones on her shopping list. Those yummy goodies help keep my teeth and breath clean and fresh. After all, who wants a slobbery kiss from a moose mouth?!
Stretching is another way I keep fit. I can do this from any place in the house or outside. Waking up from a nap, all I have to do is wiggle my toes and give a good stretch to my legs. I can do one leg at a time or two or all four. It feels so good. You try it.
I love swimming. I used to go jump in the lake and swim with my friends, the duck family. That was fun. I learned to climb up the ladder onto the dock. My humans helped me up at first. Then I practiced over and over until I could do it all by myself. That was good exercise and lots of fun. I felt really happy.
Swimming in the ocean is different and I think it takes more muscles. The first time I saw the ocean, I ran right into it, thinking it was like a lake. I had never done any swimming with waves before and was I ever surprised when they crashed over me. You should have seen the look on my wet fur face when I came back to shore that first time in big moving water. You need really strong muscles for that kind of swimming!
My humans take good care of me. I know they love me. And I love them too.
What do you do for your good health?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: New Lead October 18, 2006

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Woof to you,
I got a new lead today. An extra long one so I can go right out to the side walk to say hello to everyone. It’s important to have good manners, wag your tail happily and say hello to people-furred, feathered and skinned ones. A nice hello makes everyone feel good. Don’t you think so? Nothing like a good smiling hello to perk up your day.
Today was a sunny day with warm weather. I had to go into the shade in the afternoon. That’s how warm it was. My new lead is bright green like the grass.
Of course you know that if I didn’t have this lead, I’d be across that street lickety split cause there are always nice doggies to say hello to over there. But my humans say it’s not too safe with all the fast traffic coming by these days. So I’m just happy to be out there to greet all the kids coming home from school as they get off the bus.
The kids always say Hi and stop to give me some good fusses and musses.
Last night, it rained and was very windy. I was laying down by the big front window of our house and pop, boom; all of a sudden a face was looking in at me.
The scarecrow on the front porch got whipped around by the wind and fell over by the window, where I was starting to get up to look out.
It was scary at first and then it was funny having that smiley face staring right at me. Good thing Mr. Grey wasn’t on the porch. He’d have run away fast.
How would you feel if a scarecrow popped out at you?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Scritch Scratching Sunshine October 16, 2006


Woof to you,

Ooh Ooh. Sunshiney day and scritch scratching on my back on the patio feels almost as good as rolling on the good, green grass. What fun! Can you see the smile on my face? I’m doing my imitation of the cat. This is how he sleeps sometimes on the bench on the front porch. Ha ha. I bet I look funny. I just roll from side to side and move my legs around in the air like riding an upside down invisible bike.
The world looks great from where I am. Wow. Look how blue the sky is today and no clouds at all up there. Ooh, there goes an airplane over my head. Vrrooom. There go the blue jays and there, a seagull. Oh, they look like they’re having a fun time, riding on the air up there. Well, I can see them from me being upside down lots better than when I’m standing on my own four feet. Hi guys, I’m wiggling my feet hello at you!
I think it’s really important to have fun each day.
So, here I am having my fun today.
It’s amazing how you see the world when you try looking at it sideways or upside down.
Can you try seeing the world from a different position other than standing straight up?
What did you do for fun today?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Day Of New Dog Bone October 14, 2006

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Woof to you,
Don’t you just love presents!?!
Yesterday, my humans got me a brand new dog bone. A new kind that looked more like a large chip than a bone shape. Since i am a more senior dog, they thought it might be better for my teeth.
Yum! They were right. I have had such fun chewing and smacking my whiskers with this gift.
I love tasty treats!
My other favorites are bagels.
From far away, I can hear the whisper of the bag they come in. I can sniff them out practically before the grocery bags are carried in the front door. Mmmmmmmmmm. I get to have the ones without seeds. The seeds get stuck in my mouth. Plain, marbled, egg and sometimes cinnamon with raisins are the ones I get to chew on. I like to take mine out into the backyard and sit on the grass and chew, chewy-chew, chew!
When the last bagels are in the bottom of the bag, they are mine. Dibs.
My humans don’t like them as much as I do. If they are hard, they can’t chew them very well… but I can!
Oh, yesssss, just thinking about bagels makes me smile.
Pizza crusts are my next favorite treats. They are little delicious snacks for me. With and without sauce on them, they are mighty fine tidbits.
Today, though, is dogbone day and I am a happy, happy camper.
What are your favorite snacks?
Woofs from,


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