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Hello! Welcome To The Bailley Blog! October 2, 2006


It’s so nice to see you!

My name is Bailley. I am a Golden Retriever.

I’d like to share my doggie thoughts, adventures and stories with you.

I hope you will talk with me too.

Write your thoughts and questions for me by clicking where it says, ‘comments.’

Woofs from,



5 Responses to “Hello! Welcome To The Bailley Blog!”

  1. Phantom Christine Says:

    Hi Bailey,
    Mom logged on so I could see pictures of what you look like. You know, we have a connection because our moms are friends. Your cute.
    I’m a 10 year old black and white long haired kitty.
    It’s nice to meet you!

  2. kathy castano Says:

    Hiya Bailley!

    I just loved your mom’s pictures of you- you looked like you were having so much fun- I loved the pictures of your mom drying you off and of you on the steps by the flowers- sometimes humans get so tangled up in the world that we need to remember how good the sun feels and how lovely the breeze and flowers smell- keep reminding us, Bailley!

    Your goodest friend,

  3. Florence Says:

    Woof to you Phantom Christine,
    I’m so glad your mom got online so you could visit. Wow! Ten years old! When is your birthday? It is nice to meet you too. I hope you visit again. Yes, let’s be friends like our moms are.
    woofs from Bailley

    Woof to you Kathy,
    Thank you.
    Oh i’m so glad you came to visit and left this nice message. I’m glad you like my bathtime pictures. I do have fun with my humans and all that water.
    Yes, it is good to stop and smell the flowers and the air. I hope you come back to visit too.
    Goodest friends. Yes, we are.
    Woofs from,

  4. Suzy and Trixie Says:

    Hiiiiii!!!! I am a 6 year old bichon frise named Trixie and I’m verrryyyyy hyper! I like your pictures they are nice 😛 I will look at the pictures of you and the blog in general again soon- so you might be hearing from me again.
    -Trixie (and Suzy, who helped log me on)

  5. Florence Says:

    Woof to you, Trixie- and Suzy thanks for helping Trixie,
    What a nice partnership/friendship we have- humans and dogs together.
    The world could learn from us dontcha think?
    Glad you liked my pictures. There will be more to come.
    Thanks for peeking in on me. I look forward to your visits.
    Woofs from,

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