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The Daily Dog: Bailley Bath October 6, 2006

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Woof! What a day I had yesterday!

It was bath day.

The sun was out and the air temperature hot enough to dry my very thick fur coat before dinnertime. My humans decided time and temps were optimal so, without so much as asking me what I thought, out came the buckets, the garden hose and the shampoo.

Being good natured as I am, I went along with them and trotted out to the green grass to stand under the outdoor shower. I do enjoy water and am very well behaved. I stand very still and love getting all loved up with the soap and water washing.

Every once in a while, I give a good shake. The water flies everywhere so everyone gets to enjoy some of that water!


Hee Hee!

My human, Tom, did the scrubbing this time. My other human, Florence, (she’s the one who writes for me when I want to tell you a story) took pictures of me with the camera. It’s kind of hard to smile though with a snootful of suds.

Tom put the big yellow nozzle of the green hose on wide spray; soft enough so I don’t get hurt and strong enough to get all the soap rinsed out of my fur. It’s like getting a water massage. It feels soooo good.

Then it’s time to dry.

I get to run around, shaking all I want. Tom and Florence throw the ball for me and we play catch and bring it back so many times, I just have to sit down and take a rest on the hot bricks of the pool deck.


Mmmmm. That warm sunshine feels good on me. But I don’t like to stay in the sun too long. It makes me thirsty. I like shade the best.

My humans want me to stay in the sun to make sure all my fur dries but when they aren’t looking I sneak off under the grape arbor where it’s cooler.

They always catch me and coax me out into the sun again.


Tom dried me with towels.


He rub a dub dubbed me all over and when he got to my head, my face squoonched into my whiskers from the scruffling.

I love rubby dubby!

The sunny day really helps with drying me but yesterday there was humidity building up in the air so Tom went inside the garage and got out his leaf blower.


Wow! It was like being in the drying portion of the carwash! Vrroom! Vroom!


Air was blowing my hair this way and that.


Nice. I didn’t mind it a bit. …ooh, yeah right behind the ears.

I pretended I was a furry yellow car going through my own personal carwash -only it was a dogwash! Ha. Ha.

The air blowing on me was just right and it tickled too! Especially on my tummy and my elbows.


ooh ooh…don’t forget under my chin.


Hmmm… lookin good. Getting fluffy. I think I’m done.

I chewed on my bone while the butterflies and birds flew around me and then I took a nice long nap for the afternoon.


I was pooped! That was a lot of work for one day.

But I sure do smell good!

Woofs from Bailley


3 Responses to “The Daily Dog: Bailley Bath”

  1. Owen Says:

    Happiness is a warm, clean puppy–or a dog. Loved your bath-time romp. Warm regards to your human companions.

  2. Monica Says:

    You are the coolest Bailley. To groove to the leaf blower, you’ve got to be one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met! Clean puppy or dirty puppy, young dog or old dog, they are still happiness! Lots of fuss, and a good ear scratch to you Bailley!

  3. Florence Says:

    Woof to Monica and Owen,
    Thanks for visiting me. I love fusses and am very happy as you can see at bath time.
    I will give a big woof to my humans for you.
    Woof to you both,

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