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The Daily Dog: Autumn Morning Musings October 10, 2006

Woof to you,

Another sunny Autumn day. More leaves fell last night and that means good yard snuffling for me. I love the smell of changing seasons. Right now the grass still smells like Summer and the leaves smell like Fall.

Mmmmmm. Sniffedy, sniff, sniff, sniff.

All the people in the neighborhood are decorating their houses for Halloween. That’s one of my favorite holidays, because all the children come to visit me. I answer the door with my humans and sniff everyone hello. I don’t bark much because I don’t want to scare the little kids. I am big and they come to the door timidly when they see me standing taller than they are. So I sit down and try my best to look nice and friendly.

Last year I dressed up as a Native American Dog. That costume was so much fun, I even took a nap in it. I couldn’t wait til those kids showed up. I was ready to meet and greet them all day and all night. This year I will be a Hawaiian Dog. My humans got me a luau patterned shirt and a lei of pretty colored flowers. Too bad I can’t hold a Ukelele in my paws. That might look friendly.

Boy, I can’t wait to see all the kids this year! What are you thinking of dressing up as this Halloween?

Woofs from,



2 Responses to “The Daily Dog: Autumn Morning Musings”

  1. Trixie (Suzy too) Says:

    Sniff snuff sniff…
    I have a princess costume for Halloween. I think I will wear it. I have a little hat to match, but it is too annoying and tall so I always
    SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH and PULL PULL PULL it off. The little dressy cape is ok by me, but don’t make me wear it too long! You are a very good dog to have not barked at the children. My folks go Trick-or-treating on Halloween but I like to bark at people that come around. So
    WOW WOW WOW I can’t believe you could stand all those people! You sound like a Halloweeny type dog! Today my humans got pumpkins! Yay! More to
    Barks to you,
    Trixie (and Suzy)

  2. Florence Says:

    Woofs to you, Trixie and Suzy too,
    Okay. Princess costume sounds cool. Yup. Got to be a people dog for the Halloween gatherings. There are so many kids who come to our house. Everyone all dressed up. It’s fun.
    Ooh, pumpkins…those do smell good. Yup. More to sniff at-especially when they get carved and lit up for the biiigggg night!
    Woofs from,

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