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The Daily Dog: Scritch Scratching Sunshine October 16, 2006


Woof to you,

Ooh Ooh. Sunshiney day and scritch scratching on my back on the patio feels almost as good as rolling on the good, green grass. What fun! Can you see the smile on my face? I’m doing my imitation of the cat. This is how he sleeps sometimes on the bench on the front porch. Ha ha. I bet I look funny. I just roll from side to side and move my legs around in the air like riding an upside down invisible bike.
The world looks great from where I am. Wow. Look how blue the sky is today and no clouds at all up there. Ooh, there goes an airplane over my head. Vrrooom. There go the blue jays and there, a seagull. Oh, they look like they’re having a fun time, riding on the air up there. Well, I can see them from me being upside down lots better than when I’m standing on my own four feet. Hi guys, I’m wiggling my feet hello at you!
I think it’s really important to have fun each day.
So, here I am having my fun today.
It’s amazing how you see the world when you try looking at it sideways or upside down.
Can you try seeing the world from a different position other than standing straight up?
What did you do for fun today?
Woofs from,


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