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The Daily Dog: Good Health October 19, 2006

Woof to you,
Good to see you here today. Thanks for visiting me.
Let’s talk about good health.
My humans are always doing something for good health so I started thinking, “What do I do?”
Running around, chasing balls or leaves is good exercise. A nice walk around the neighborhood keeps me in shape. And I love to run on the beach and chase the waves and shore birds. That is healthy too.
Since I am what is considered a ‘senior dog,’ I eat meals lower in fats and high in fiber and vitamins and minerals. It says so right on my bag of kibble.
Yesterday, my humans brought me a giant bag of food. Boy, I was drooling with excitement seeing them come through the front door with that giant package! I knew by the smell that this was all for me. My humans don’t eat my food though I would share with them if they wanted some.
Today, Florence is going to get me healthy treats. I heard her say that she put large size dog milk bones on her shopping list. Those yummy goodies help keep my teeth and breath clean and fresh. After all, who wants a slobbery kiss from a moose mouth?!
Stretching is another way I keep fit. I can do this from any place in the house or outside. Waking up from a nap, all I have to do is wiggle my toes and give a good stretch to my legs. I can do one leg at a time or two or all four. It feels so good. You try it.
I love swimming. I used to go jump in the lake and swim with my friends, the duck family. That was fun. I learned to climb up the ladder onto the dock. My humans helped me up at first. Then I practiced over and over until I could do it all by myself. That was good exercise and lots of fun. I felt really happy.
Swimming in the ocean is different and I think it takes more muscles. The first time I saw the ocean, I ran right into it, thinking it was like a lake. I had never done any swimming with waves before and was I ever surprised when they crashed over me. You should have seen the look on my wet fur face when I came back to shore that first time in big moving water. You need really strong muscles for that kind of swimming!
My humans take good care of me. I know they love me. And I love them too.
What do you do for your good health?
Woofs from,


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