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The Daily Dog: Fall Water October 21, 2006

Woof to you,
Wow! What happened to that nice, warm SummeryFall we had this week?
Brrruh! I slept right on the rug in the warmest room of the house last night.
When I went out this morning, the day was bright and sunshiney and windy and cold.
Good for ruffling your fur.
And guess what I found?
One of my favorite things. The water in my outside dog dish was c-c-c-cold!
I love, love, love it when my water is cold. It is so refreshing. Makes me feel all happy and waked up.
In Spanish, water is called agua. Did you know that? My friend, Petey, the Chihuahua, told me.
In winter, I love it when there is ice in my dish. I love to chomp it with my teeth.
Humans have their snow cones or shave ice and I have mine!
I don’t need any other flavors in it either. Just plain cold water.
Mmmmmm mmmm delicious!
It rained like crazy yesterday afternoon so I think there’s lots of nice, clear sky water mixed in with my spring water. Now that’s flavor!
And it tastes mighty fine after a good morning milkbone. Yummety yum.
I like to catch water with my tongue when the garden hose is on. It’s like a WaterFall in my mouth. (Get it?) Or is that an AguaFall, Petey?
Don’t you love a good cool drink of water when you’re thirsty?
Woofs from,


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