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The Daily Dog: Late Night Neighbor October 27, 2006

Woof to you,

Last night when I went out for my final outing, I was strolling along my front yard, sniffing all the good smells of crisp air from the ocean, leaves and grasses; minding my own sniffing business. The street was totally empty. Not a car in sight. No sounds but a few hardy crickets still hanging around singing in the dark. The cats were away doing their evening slinking and lurking or like Mr. Grey, meandering around the whole neighborhood seeing what’s what.

Well, after all he is the senior cat of the area. He’s been around the longest of any. It’s his job to check things out every day and what better time to make his rounds than when it’s dark and quiet. He has very good eyesight for seeing in the dark.

But this time I didn’t even see him or the Raccoon family or the Possum kids.

You can imagine my surprise when out of nowhere a big white dog comes bounding across the street like a speed racer right to me!

Bam! One minute he wasn’t there and the next he was. He ran so fast it was like magic!

We had a really nice visit. I learned that Mr Samoyed lives in the corner house across the street and that his gate got blown open by the wind and when he noticed me he thought he’d take the opportunity to come visit and say hello.

He is as big as I am and very fluffy white, with a black nose and keen eyes. His tail curls up around his back. He looks like a rock star. Very flashy with all that snowy white fur. I bet he could get lost in a snowstorm! No one would be able to see him in a blizzard!

Well, we chatted a bit before his human came across to get him. She worries about him running into the usually busy street. Florence was putting the trash bags in their bins while we stood getting to know one another at the front sidewalk. We were careful not to stand in the road.

Our two humoms (human moms-hee hee) chatted. Then everyone said goodnight and back home Mr. Samoyed went. I got extra fusses from Florence. She thanked me for staying safe on my own yard and hugged me.

It was a nice visit from a new neighbor. It’s good to get to know each other. Now we can say Hello when we see each other.

I’m looking forward to when winter comes. We can play Hide and Go Seek in the snow and see who can find Mr. Samoyed first!

Do you know your neighbors? Do you say hello when you see each other?

Woofs from,



I found this picture to show you of a Samoyed named Khan on at billnbenj

This is what my neighbor, Mr. Samoyed, looks like.

They could practically be twins!


One Response to “The Daily Dog: Late Night Neighbor”

  1. Monica Says:

    Bailley, do you know that Samoyeds have the softest ears I’ve ever touched? My good friend Valerie shared life with a Samoyed for more than 13 years, and I remember the first time I ever touched his ears: it was the softest thing my fingers had ever touched, and I’ve yet to find anything as soft. Samoyeds are great friends, hope you’ll enjoy your neighbor! Woofs & fuss to you.

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