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The Daily Dog: Cold Windy Night October 13, 2006

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Woof to you,
It’s official. It got cold last night and I am happy my humans put the heat on in our house. I snuggled right up to the baseboard and tucked my tail around my paws.
They pulled their covers up over their heads and we all slept a little later than usual this morning.
The wind really roared around the house and whipped the awning off the next door neighbor’s porch. Flap, flappety flap!
There were lots of noises in the night and it all made me a little scared because I couldn’t see what was happening. I’m sure glad I was near my humans. It always feels better when we’re together; near each other in our pack.
I like togetherness. I am a social being; friendly and curious about everything.
Tom took me for a nice walk before going to bed.
We went all around several blocks and the night air smelled really great. I could smell everyone who had a walk that night.
Haven’t seen our possum yet but will let you know when I do.
How do you feel about windy nights?
Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Feel The Breeze October 12, 2006

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Woof to you,
Today is a good day to go stand in the wind. It ruffles your fur and makes you feel like fun.
Go ahead. Try it.
What can you smell on the air?
Ooh… I smell one last flower on the rose bush. It’s pretty and pink.
I smell salty air from the ocean. I smell the green grass from the yard two blocks away from my house. They must have cut the grass.
I smell sunshine!
Everything smells clean from last night’s rain.
This is a good, running-around-the-yard day; making circles and flipping the leaves with my nose.
Ahhhh! The wind is playing with me.
Woofs from,


Denim On The Rainbow Bridge October 11, 2006

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Woof everyone,

Today my human, Florence, got an email from her friend, Beverlee, who told her that Denim, the Siamese cat, from Washington state, USA, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was big, with four perfectly matched white paws and big blue eyes. His human Mom, Beverlee, said he lived in the wild before he adopted her family. As they showed him their love and took good care of him, he began to trust humans.

I’d like to share one Denim story with you so you can get to know him a little bit:
One summer, in his exuberance and good energy, he zoomed up an apple tree just to show off for his family. Unbeknownst to him, there was a crow baby up there; just a fledging with two protective parents nearby keeping guard. Seeing a cat in the apple tree alarmed the crows and they attacked him. One pecked him. If that wasn’t enough, for the rest of the summer they dive bombed him whenever he showed himself in the yard. Denim ran for his life from bush to bush harassed by the crows all the long summer. If he showed himself on the deck they scolded him endlessly. Denim knew no peace that summer. Luckily, by the next crow hatching season, they left him alone and he stayed out of the apple tree. And peace was had between cat and crows.

Denim loved being brushed, especially when he lay upon a cushion in the sunshine. I surely do know how good that feels, so even being a dog, I can appreciate how he felt.

My own cat friend, Mr Grey, is wild like Denim used to be. He trusts my humans too because they feed him and always talk kindly to him. I think he trusts me too because somedays we sit in the sun together…not right next to each other close but near each other. That gives me a good feeling. I think it’s nice to be quiet with a friend.

What Denim and I share in common too, is that we both have families who love us. I know his family will miss him and always love him even though he is in Cat Heaven now. For today I am thinking of him and what a brave cat he was for giving humans another chance to be good to him and love him…so he could love them back. Beverlee says he was a blessing.

Woofs from


The Daily Dog: Autumn Morning Musings October 10, 2006

Woof to you,

Another sunny Autumn day. More leaves fell last night and that means good yard snuffling for me. I love the smell of changing seasons. Right now the grass still smells like Summer and the leaves smell like Fall.

Mmmmmm. Sniffedy, sniff, sniff, sniff.

All the people in the neighborhood are decorating their houses for Halloween. That’s one of my favorite holidays, because all the children come to visit me. I answer the door with my humans and sniff everyone hello. I don’t bark much because I don’t want to scare the little kids. I am big and they come to the door timidly when they see me standing taller than they are. So I sit down and try my best to look nice and friendly.

Last year I dressed up as a Native American Dog. That costume was so much fun, I even took a nap in it. I couldn’t wait til those kids showed up. I was ready to meet and greet them all day and all night. This year I will be a Hawaiian Dog. My humans got me a luau patterned shirt and a lei of pretty colored flowers. Too bad I can’t hold a Ukelele in my paws. That might look friendly.

Boy, I can’t wait to see all the kids this year! What are you thinking of dressing up as this Halloween?

Woofs from,



Dog Heaven Weekend October 9, 2006

Woof Everybody,

A three day weekend! Yip Yip Yippee!
My humans are happy because they get to sleep in late and enjoy some rest and relaxation. Now they’re talking my language! Now they are on my wave length…How to really enjoy the start of a day. I could teach them a bit about enjoying three full days off from work.

Wake up in the morning whenever your eyes want to open. Take a nice deep breath in through your nose. That’ll tell you what kind of a day it is outside… you know, cool or warm, sunshiney or rainy…the nose knows!
Sniff the air again…just to make sure you got a more waked-up picture of what your day might be like. Can you smell the leaves or the sky?

Stretch your ears and listen. What do you hear?

You can tell a lot from listening. You can tell right away if it’s already a peaceful day or a busy one.

Like today, the third day of the long weekend… I don’t hear lots of early morning traffic like on the human’s work days. There are no people out in the streets or yards talking loudly, yelling, “Hey, Joe, here I am,” or singing or whistling like the days when the people on big trucks come happily tooting down the street to pick up trash. Lots of noise. Those are boom, clunk days.

This morning, I can hear birds waking up, tweet tweeting hello to one another, and I hear the squirrels scurrying across the backyard fence with the pitty-pat of their tiny feet. They rustle the leaves as they climb up the tree limbs and hop from one to branch to another.
I hear the electricity in the walls and the swooshing of water in the pipes of the house. I hear my friend, Mr. Grey, the family’s outdoor cat, creeping across the roof to the cherry tree where he climbs down to the ground. He likes to stretch too. The sun is shining in through the window on me. I can feel the warmth of the day before I get to go outside. Mmmm. That is like getting a wake up smooch or being licked by your Mama when you are a puppy.

The air smells of warm from the morning sun and also of cool from the night air. I can smell the grass wet with dew as it’s drying. I love that smell. It’s like a little bit of night and day time together. I can smell the flowers opening up from their evening sleep. That’s a good morning hello from them. My nose is my eyes.

I can tell stuff is going on in the world before I even get up. I can hear the cicadas waking up to sing as the crickets are going to bed after their nightly concerts. Some mornings, I can tell you if the surf is up. Heh, Heh. No, it’s not just my good ears that can hear the roar or whisper of the waves down at the end of our street. Some days our next door neighbor gets up early and I can hear him whispering excitedly with his surfing buddies about how big the waves are. I can hear them scrub-rub the chunks of wax along their big yellow and blue and red surfboards. Ssssccrrrub…ssssccrrrub. I hear them zippy-zip their rubbery wet suits up as they get ready for the water. They always sound so happy. Sometimes I wake up to all of this and go right back to sleep.

Today it is so nice and quiet. There are soft breezes waking up the trees with a swish-swish sound and the insects are weaving webs with whispery toes while others are pushing up earth ever so gently with their teeny legs, marching on their way to breakfast. They are already awake and getting busy in a hush-hush sort of way.

Now is a good time to stretch out my legs too. I stretch them straight out in front of me making them as long as I can. I do this while I’m still laying down. Doesn’t it feel good to stretch?

One more yawn and a a nose waggle or two and I feel ready to get up and go see what’s in the breakfast bowl. Then after a nice long drink of water, I like to go outside. A good shake and a nice roll on the soft, green grass make me feel happy. I stick my legs straight up to the sky and wiggle them at clouds. I jiggle and roll and then get up and shake my whole body right to ends of my fur hairs. Whooshoosh! That makes me smile. Maybe I’ll poke my nose in the hedges for a sniff to see who visited in the night while I was sleeping. I can smell if the possum family came by to snack on the cat food on the front porch or if any raccoons or other cats or dogs have taken a night time stroll by my house.

There are always so many interesting smells in the world. I could be kept busy all day long checking out the aromas of the world. But today is a not-so-busy day. So I think I will munch my breakfast, go out for a few minutes and come back in for another thing I like to do….Nap!

This after all, is a three day weekend and my humans say the weekends are for doing some things you enjoy.

Woofs from,


The Daily Dog: Bailley Bath October 6, 2006

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Woof! What a day I had yesterday!

It was bath day.

The sun was out and the air temperature hot enough to dry my very thick fur coat before dinnertime. My humans decided time and temps were optimal so, without so much as asking me what I thought, out came the buckets, the garden hose and the shampoo.

Being good natured as I am, I went along with them and trotted out to the green grass to stand under the outdoor shower. I do enjoy water and am very well behaved. I stand very still and love getting all loved up with the soap and water washing.

Every once in a while, I give a good shake. The water flies everywhere so everyone gets to enjoy some of that water!


Hee Hee!

My human, Tom, did the scrubbing this time. My other human, Florence, (she’s the one who writes for me when I want to tell you a story) took pictures of me with the camera. It’s kind of hard to smile though with a snootful of suds.

Tom put the big yellow nozzle of the green hose on wide spray; soft enough so I don’t get hurt and strong enough to get all the soap rinsed out of my fur. It’s like getting a water massage. It feels soooo good.

Then it’s time to dry.

I get to run around, shaking all I want. Tom and Florence throw the ball for me and we play catch and bring it back so many times, I just have to sit down and take a rest on the hot bricks of the pool deck.


Mmmmm. That warm sunshine feels good on me. But I don’t like to stay in the sun too long. It makes me thirsty. I like shade the best.

My humans want me to stay in the sun to make sure all my fur dries but when they aren’t looking I sneak off under the grape arbor where it’s cooler.

They always catch me and coax me out into the sun again.


Tom dried me with towels.


He rub a dub dubbed me all over and when he got to my head, my face squoonched into my whiskers from the scruffling.

I love rubby dubby!

The sunny day really helps with drying me but yesterday there was humidity building up in the air so Tom went inside the garage and got out his leaf blower.


Wow! It was like being in the drying portion of the carwash! Vrroom! Vroom!


Air was blowing my hair this way and that.


Nice. I didn’t mind it a bit. …ooh, yeah right behind the ears.

I pretended I was a furry yellow car going through my own personal carwash -only it was a dogwash! Ha. Ha.

The air blowing on me was just right and it tickled too! Especially on my tummy and my elbows.


ooh ooh…don’t forget under my chin.


Hmmm… lookin good. Getting fluffy. I think I’m done.

I chewed on my bone while the butterflies and birds flew around me and then I took a nice long nap for the afternoon.


I was pooped! That was a lot of work for one day.

But I sure do smell good!

Woofs from Bailley


Hello! Welcome To The Bailley Blog! October 2, 2006


It’s so nice to see you!

My name is Bailley. I am a Golden Retriever.

I’d like to share my doggie thoughts, adventures and stories with you.

I hope you will talk with me too.

Write your thoughts and questions for me by clicking where it says, ‘comments.’

Woofs from,



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