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The Daily Dog: Dining Al Fresco With The Dog November 18, 2006

Woofs to you,

It’s the weekend!

Bagel time everybody!

I’m going out in the backyard and chow down in the great outdoors. There’s nothing so good as a weekend bagel unless it’s a weekend bagel eaten out of doors. Dining al fresco. More yum from the crumb.

Don’t you just love eating outdoors…at the beach, in fields, in the forest, on a mountain, out in your backyard; in the grass, on the patio or porch or terrace? I do.

My humom says even plain peanut butter sandwiches taste better when you eat them out in the fresh air. I tried peanut butter once. Not bad.

I’m a picnic sort of a guy and willing to show up for any outdoor snacks.

What are your favorite foods to eat out in the sunshine?

Woofs from,




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