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The Daily Dog: November 20, 2006

Woofs to you,

Monday morning. Not a sound around. Peaceful. Quiet. Silence.

Why? What’s different today, I ask myself as I raise my ruffled sleepy head from my pillow.

And then it dawns on me.

Woo Hoo!

The humans at the airport must have switched the flight path of the planes landing there!

They do that every so often and we get a break from the noise. It happens like a cat sneaking up on you when you’re not looking. You get used to the rrrrooaarr of the engines flying over head and then all of a sudden…nothing.

When they switch it back to over our heads, it will be the pouncing shock of the cat jumping oput of the bushes at you when you least expect it.

But until they do the changing air routes again, you know what I’ll be doing……..sleeping in.

Woofs from,



2 Responses to “The Daily Dog:”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hey Bailley, glad you’re getting your peace and quiet! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get some turkey? Woooooffff & fuss! Monica

  2. Florence Says:

    Hi Monica,
    No turkey on my diet but lots of love and an extra dogbone treat for me -to go with that peace and quiet!
    Woof from,

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