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The Daily Dog: A Day November 21, 2006

Woofs to you,

Brruh!  It was cold today and the heat went on in my house.  I cozied up to the baseboard heating by the window and had warmth and a good view of the happenings outside at the same time.

The water in my dish out in the back yard was just how I like it best–ice cold and very thirst quenching.  Don’t you just love that when you are really thirsty…something really cool to make your hot throat feel good.  Yummy!

Mr. Gray Squirrel was in the front yard sitting up chewing on a walnut.  He looked so funny.  Everytime he took a bite, his nose and whiskers wiggled and his big bushy tail fluffed back and forth like a flag in the breeze.

I think he was eating and burying parts of the snack for the winter.  He would look up and then bend his head down and dig in the grass like crazy with his little paws.  When the snows come, he’ll be able to find his treats.  He has a very good sniffer.

I sat outside in the afternoon sun with my best lion face on; catching some rays like a regal monarch of the jungle.  I like that time of day.  I get to see the kids come home from school on the bus and have a nice fuss and  woof with them and Mr. Grey and Miss Kitty come by to say hello too.

It was a nice sunset today.  My humom says it looked like Maui; all colors of bright orange and pink and purples.  I don’t know about that much because I can’t see colors the way humans do but I take her word for it.  It looked pretty to me.

It was a day today.

How was yours?

Woofs from,



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