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The Daily Dog: Halloween 2006 November 7, 2006

Woof to you,

How was your Halloween?

Ours was great! Lots of nice kids came to our door early in the day and early evening too. There were good costumes. Lots of green and red makeup on faces and red and black capes over velvet, wickedy witches outfits. Super hereoes and princesses and even the parents dressed up. The kids next door came with their friends and their dad was dressed as Captain Kirk from Star Trek!

Everyone loved my Hawaain shirt and flowered lei around my neck. The sun glasses wouldn’t stay on my nose so I ditched them and just looked spiffy to greet the ghosts and goblins. My humom gave out candy and little bags of cheetos and doritos for the kids who are allergic to chocolate or nuts. Only a few of the older kids came after 7 PM.

This is the first year we didn’t have a carved pumpkin. I kind of missed that smell. We did have little green goblins hanging aroudn and neon ghosts in the windows and a skeleton that talked hanging right near the front door. Each time someone came to the door they’d have to pass the skeleton and it would start dancing and singing, “Happy Halloween. Come again!”

Our candy bowl had a skeleton hand in it that moved each time a kid went for the candy and it said, “Happy Halloween,” too.

I was well behaved. I answered the door, sniffed everyone from the doorway and didn’t bark. I didn’t want to scare the children. I got lots of pets and pats and greetings. Everyone liked my costume too.

It wasn’t too cold out so we could keep our front door open and I could see everyone coming to get treats. No tricks here. Just goodies for all.

Mr Grey and his friends all hid until everyone left. Then they came to our porch to get their treats. The all black cat came to visit way after midnight. Hey, that’s what he looks like… the color of midnight. If you go out on a really dark night, you will see what I mean

We had so much fun

Woofs from



The Daily Dog: Interruption Visitor November 4, 2006

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Woof to you,

Well, it seems like a long time since my humom was my writing paws. I missed talking with you.

We surely did have a lot going on at our house since I got to have conversations with you.

There was a really big storm in our area.

One day lots of wind and rain and the very next day high wind-enough to blow a man down the street who was trying to walk with an umbrella. It turned inside out and pulled him clean off his feet!

There are no leaves left on our cherry tree or maples. They all lifted off to go flying like green, yellow and red leafy airplanes. Now they are all in the pool in the backyard!

Our neighbor’s blue and white porch awning went flap-flappidy-flap during the storm, trying with all its might to hang on but now it’s all plastic shreds in between the leaves in our pool. It is very colorful out there. Red, white, brown, yellow, blue and the water is turning green a little bit. I can still see to the bottom though.

The two big pine trees in the front of our house swayed like crazy giants in the wind as it came off the beach. I mean these guys are really, really tall and over 30 years old. They tower over the house and were leaning back and forth everytime the wind came roaring off the ocean. The earth around the base of them moved too as they tried to dig deeper with their root feet to hold on to keep from falling over.

We didn’t know if they might land on the house or somewhere out in the yard. You could hear them creaking, eek-eeking, each time they leaned.

Tom moved the cars out of the driveway in case they couldn’t hold on with their root feet because the way the wind was blowing, they would have fallen right on top of both the blue and the red ones and squashed them flat. That did happen to some cars. I saw it on TV. Not ours though. Good thing too. I like to go riding in the car. I would miss that if we were left with flat pancake cars.

But through it all the pine trees would not let go of Mother Earth and they still stand tall today. You could have heard them sighing in their pine needles with relief when the wind finally stopped. They just shook their silver green needles off and reached up to the new warm sun when it came back out to play.

Their root toes must be very tired from digging deep in the dirt, squeezing to hold tight and not let go.
There was a weird part of the weather. It happened right in the middle of the storm. Everything got really still. No wind. No rain. No noise.

I thought it was over and the sun would come out so I could go out and play and then whammo! It started again until humoungous rolls of fog moved up the street like big hands were sweeping grey mist off the beach and over the road and the houses until I couldn’t see Mr. Samoyed’s front gate.

Good thing my humom took the scarecrow inside or it would have flown away!

That middle part, where it was quiet, is called the eye of the storm. It gives everything a chance to take a breather but really means, “Get ready. I’m coming around again. Let’s play hard!”

In the middle of the first night, there was thumping and banging; ca-clump- bump; wham bang! It sounded like somebody was pounding on our house. Well, it turns out that somebody was and its name was Wild Wind!

WW, I call him…busted open the upstairs porch door and was slamming the storm door whackety-whack-clackety-clack back and forth while the rain poured swoosh-swoosh into the playroom. It was a large lake up there on the floor.

My humom, Florence, mopped everything up while Tom got the doors fastened securely. Whew! That was scarey sounding . I looked but went back downstairs to get out of the way. Sometimes that’s my job.

We all went back to sleep. I stayed very near everyone. They’re my pack, you know. We have to stick together.
A few hours later, cccrrraaasssh! More new night noises waking us up.

WW smashed in the upstairs window and rain blew from outside all the way into the sewing room. And the air was really getting cold by that time too! Brrruhh. My fur was standing all up in goose bumps and shivers.

Florence and I were so tired, we almost didn’t wake up but Tom did and he was tilting at the window against the wind with the rain beating down on his face and head as he tried to fix things. He tried so hard but old WW really fought him back. It seemed like it was a battle and Tom wasn’t winning.

Wow! You should have heard WW making all kinds of noises on our house.

The wood and stone groaned with each roaring blast of wind and the glass of the windows creaked but stood strong against the clatter-clatter-plop of the fat drops flooding down their faces. Our roof held all of its pieces together and kept us dry. Way to go you all. Good job! It was like they made a pact, “Hold tight, boys. Stick together like the buddy system!”

None of them flew away like some of the shingles from our neighbor’s houses. A few of those are now visiting in our pool too. It’s like a block party in that colorful water!

Finally Tom got the window covered enough to keep out the wet weather until he could fix it properly after the wind and rain stopped.

None of us could sleep after all of that racket and excitement. It was way too noisy for hours more so we had breakfast together. Kibble for me and cereal for my humans. Munch crunch. We were the little noises of the day.
In the afternoon, we all took naps while WW still did his whirling dance for the rest of the day. Whoosh! Woooooooooohhhhhhhh! Wham! Grrrrrr! Flap Flap! Whump!

Whirl and twirl. All day and all night.

The next day he was gone. And the cleaning up began.

We were busy. My humans picking up this and that and me finding my bones under lots of leaves in the yard. We all had work to do, cleaning up after WW.

The kids next door know a good rule. I hear their Mom and Dad tell them, “When you make a mess, clean up after yourself, please.”

Now that it’s calm, the birds zoom in to say hi and take a bath after they eat their fill of red berries in the bushes around our house. They gulpgulp them one at a time, bloomp bloomp down their beaks. They rustle their feathers as they sit at the edge of the pool and chatter away in their birdie language tweet beeping to each other. Yes, its a real party out there now that the storm has passed.

Thanks to all of the parts of our house and yard for being a team, helping each other stay strong and united and thanks for keeping us safe during the interruption visitor, Big Storm and his kids, Wild Wind and Roaring Rain.

Woofs to you,



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