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The Daily Dog: Music To My Ears December 29, 2006

Woof to you,

Guess what!  There is holiday music out there sung by my species.

No kidding!

I was settling in for a normal winter’s nap one day, with music playing background for my snores and all of a sudden I hear,  “Woof woof woof – woof woof woof ; woof woof woof woof woof…” coming out of the speakers.

“Wazzat, wazzat?”  I perked up.

Sure enough, the jolly tune of  “Jingle  Bells” was merrily woofing through the air.  A veritable chorus of holiday woofing in prime time.

It seems there is a whole album of Christmas music with the featured song of “Jingle Bells” sung by a group called The Singing Dogs.

Being a pretty able crooner myself, I’ve been known to scale an octave or two when I warble along with a solid fire house whistle.  I do like a good horn section for my back-up music.  And here these pooches are on the radio, howling out a beaut of a holiday tune with gusto.

Now we’re talking!….er singing.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Merry, Happy and Everything Good! December 28, 2006

Woof to you,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza and I wish you all good things in the coming year.

Like really tasty treats, good long naps, comfy pillows and carpets to stretch out on and some nice crunchy dog bones to make you feel loved and cared for.

I did miss snow this holiday but I live in the hope that the weather gods will see fit to give us some before long. Not so much that humans can’t get around but just enough so beings like me can have some to romp and chomp in.

People were running around and biking on our block in shorts and light jackets. I kept thinking, “Hey, this is December! Where’s the white fluffy cold stuff?”

My water dish did have a nice coldness at night and I love to go out then and get a good drink before bedtime. Still I do love to snuffle up some cold snow on my nose and eat it like my very own yard of big snow cone.

Maybe Santa will still bring me that… I have been a good golden retriever this year.

It was festive at our house. An angel lighted up in the window and a nice piney smelling wreath on our door. So everytime you go in and out you get a nice whiff of balsam smells.

Miss Annabel Kitty and Mr Grey had a special treat of salmon from the Pacific Northwest for holiday dinner and boy did they ever lick their chops after that one!

I got a nice chewy bone and some very tasty bagels.

Here’s me in my holiday attire:bail-xma-reindeer.jpg

Hope you are having the best holidays ever.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Sounds and Silence December 16, 2006

Woof to you,

How was your Saturday morning? Mine was just dandy and oh so silent up until 10 o clock. Then sirens went off, piercing the air with woo-wooing, roo-rooing until they wound down like they ran out of air.

I was wide awake then!

And so was the whole neighborhood.

We were up and at em!

It’s a holiday weekend. It’s Hannukkah and there are candles in the windows. I like how nice that looks when Tom and I take our nightly walks. It’s like the windows are saying, “We are nice and warm and happy together in here.”

Of course there are lawns all decked out for Christmas time too. Reindeer and Santas all lit up and Snowpeople and Angels and colored lights on bushes and trees.

It all makes for a very festive evening out. I feel like dancing in the crisp night air. There are so many nifty smells outside. Lots of piney smells and I can sniff that there are lots of dogs and their humans taking evening strolls too.

The cats have settled down on their new mats by their dishes and Little Possum loves sitting on the flowered mat to snuffle up his kibbley bits.

The cats take their time getting used to new things. I guess that is good. They are cautious critters and that is a part of their sensitivity which keeps them safe.

It’s OK to take your time seeing if you like something new or not. You make your own choices.

Me? I like choices.  I sniff things like chips that fall on the floor and I know I’m not much of a potato chip or Dorito dog myself.   There’s not much I don’t like but I will pass on those.

It’s good to know what you like and what you do not like.

My best buddy, Shasta, used to love raisins.  Not me.  She would jump sky high to catch those in her mouth and she never missed a one-no matter how tiny.

She could pick raisins, daintily out of bread.

You know I like bread-almost any kind- but not the raisins.

I draw the line at raisins.

What favorite treats would you jump for?

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Too Early For Fisticuffs December 11, 2006

Woof to you,
Last night, I saw Mr. Samoyed across the street. He was out walking with his human. It was very windy and his fur was flying like feathers all around him as they walked briskly into the wind. It looked like he was going to have the fastest night walk in the East. He has definitely got his winter coat on; very thick and mighty fluffy. He likes the cold weather and is warm enough in it with his very thick coat of white fur.

Early this morning there was a fracas on the front porch. I was awakened to whiney sounds, almost like whistles, that turned into menacing growly meows. I looked out to see Miss Kitty (who has now told us her first name is Annabel) squoonched down near her empty breakfast dish; her black and white fur all puffed out so much that her tail looked like it was double its normal, sleek size Her whiskers were all twitchy.

Right near her was another gray striped cat who looked like Mr. Grey, but wasn’t him at all. This visitor didn’t have any manners and was taking itsy bitsy steps toward Miss Annabel Kitty growling like he was going to pounce at her. She took a couple of steps back, looking kind of surprised that this caller was not acting very friendly. She definitely likes to play and make new acquaintances and she shares her treats easily but this fellow was not playing or wanting to make friends.

My humom came to the window and watched to see if he was going to settle down when Annabel Kitty stopped and sat down like she was saying, “Hey, buddy, this is my house. You are a guest here so stop being mean.” Well, he still was sneaking up on her on his tippy toes and still growling so my humom finally tapped on the window to get his attention and he paused, looked around and didn’t see her or me at first so he started up again. Florence tapped again on the window and when he looked up and saw us, he stopped and she told him to be nice or go away. She told him this is Miss Kitty’s house and he has to treat her nicely if he wants to visit.

She had to rap three times to get him to look at us and really listen. She gave him choices.

He chose to move away since he didn’t want to stop being unkind. Finally he did slink off the porch but he only went a little way out into the lawn where he settled down there to whine and growl some more.

Miss Annabel Kitty, looked bug eyed, like she was still surprised by his behavior, and she settled down on her territory looking mighty glad someone helped set the rules of the house.

My humom did not put any early breakfast out this morning. She’s not going to give treats to strangers who make moves like they’re going to hit one of our family.

I guess breakfast will be a little later this morning.

I may as well take a snooze.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Cats and Cold Concrete December 7, 2006

Woof to you,

What a funny day it was today.

My humom got new mats for the front porch to put down by the cat’s food dishes so that their feet wouldn’t get so cold in the winter at mealtimes.

One mat is the color of green grass and the other has flowers on its soft top.

Each was placed in front of each dish at dinner time.

Mr. Grey came up all hungry but very suspicious of the new feel of rug under his feet near his food.

Miss Kitty tried stepping on the flowered mat and digging her claws into the fabric.  Then she backed off and walked around  the whole thing sniffing and finally she squoonched herself as close to the wall as possible and sat herself down so that she didn’t have to touch the mat at all while she ate her dinner.

Boy, we all laughed watching the two of them scoping out a new item in their territory and trying to avoid those mats.

My humom was thinking how cold it must be on the little pads of their feet on the concrete of the porch and was trying to make things warmer for them and they take off like two rockets the minute the food is done.

Maybe it will take a while for them to get used to their new contraptions.

All I know is, it’s getting reeeaaallly, reaaalllly cold tonight and I’m glad I’m inside with my head on nice warm bed and carpet in front of my food dishes.

Hooray for my human beings! Thanks for making things nice for me.

I like to put my paws in the snow but I don’t always like to stand on cold concrete.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Wondering Answered December 5, 2006

Woof to you,

Since it has turned cold here and most nights windy and frosty, we’ve been wondering where Mr. Grey goes to sleep.

There is an igloo tucked away out of the wind in a protected corner of the upstairs porch that has been his hideaway for years in the stormy or cold weather.

But he has to climb the cherry tree and cross over the top of the roof of the house to get to it and he is no ‘spring chicken’ as they say.

No on has seen him up there, so we’ve all been wondering where he is sleeping on these first cold, wintry nights.

Ocassionally we can hear the patter of feet running across the roof in the morning but we figured it was one of the Squirrel family’s members or the Raccoon Family taking a shortcut from house to house; yard to yard.

One early morning when my humom was letting me out in the backyard, we startled Mr. Grey who ran out like a lightning bolt shot, out from under the canvas covering of the summer lawn furniture in the corner of the patio. He wasn’t used to us coming out so early and we must have awakened him with a scare because he ran as fast as his little, padded feet could carry him until he heard my humom’s voice gently call his name.

He stopped short and blinked sleepily as he recognized her voice and saw that I was not going to chase him.

Then he sat down to get his morning bearings straight and remembered that no one here would run him off.

Seeing him rush out from sleeping there, we thought maybe he didn’t go to his igloo upstairs anymore.  Tom and my humom, Florence, worried about him in the cold of the night, if he couldn’t climb the tree anymore to get to his safe warm bed.

This morning, the whole dilemma was solved.

As Florence sat in her car waiting for the engine to warm up before driving off to daily errands, she spotted Mr. Grey tippy-toeing across the roof shingles all the way to the cherry tree. He climbed down the leafless limbs and padded his way to the porch for his breakfast.

So, it seems all that worry was like my humom says, “trying to get somewhere in a rocking chair.”

Mr. Grey is still an able cat despite his years and grey whiskers.  Maybe he is like me, a little slower getting up and gentler in pace, but he knows where his hidey place is and it’s still his own.  He manages just fine.

Whew!  Everyone at our house was grateful to see that he will be OK this winter.  He will not come indoors but he still knows he has his own indoors. It’s outdoors -up on the porch!

And he does go there to sleep tight in the night.

I feel lucky to be warmly tucked indoors myself and I’m glad Mr. Grey has his own warm place he can get to.

It’s good to know your friends are safe in winter.

Woofs from,



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