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The Daily Dog: Wondering Answered December 5, 2006

Woof to you,

Since it has turned cold here and most nights windy and frosty, we’ve been wondering where Mr. Grey goes to sleep.

There is an igloo tucked away out of the wind in a protected corner of the upstairs porch that has been his hideaway for years in the stormy or cold weather.

But he has to climb the cherry tree and cross over the top of the roof of the house to get to it and he is no ‘spring chicken’ as they say.

No on has seen him up there, so we’ve all been wondering where he is sleeping on these first cold, wintry nights.

Ocassionally we can hear the patter of feet running across the roof in the morning but we figured it was one of the Squirrel family’s members or the Raccoon Family taking a shortcut from house to house; yard to yard.

One early morning when my humom was letting me out in the backyard, we startled Mr. Grey who ran out like a lightning bolt shot, out from under the canvas covering of the summer lawn furniture in the corner of the patio. He wasn’t used to us coming out so early and we must have awakened him with a scare because he ran as fast as his little, padded feet could carry him until he heard my humom’s voice gently call his name.

He stopped short and blinked sleepily as he recognized her voice and saw that I was not going to chase him.

Then he sat down to get his morning bearings straight and remembered that no one here would run him off.

Seeing him rush out from sleeping there, we thought maybe he didn’t go to his igloo upstairs anymore.  Tom and my humom, Florence, worried about him in the cold of the night, if he couldn’t climb the tree anymore to get to his safe warm bed.

This morning, the whole dilemma was solved.

As Florence sat in her car waiting for the engine to warm up before driving off to daily errands, she spotted Mr. Grey tippy-toeing across the roof shingles all the way to the cherry tree. He climbed down the leafless limbs and padded his way to the porch for his breakfast.

So, it seems all that worry was like my humom says, “trying to get somewhere in a rocking chair.”

Mr. Grey is still an able cat despite his years and grey whiskers.  Maybe he is like me, a little slower getting up and gentler in pace, but he knows where his hidey place is and it’s still his own.  He manages just fine.

Whew!  Everyone at our house was grateful to see that he will be OK this winter.  He will not come indoors but he still knows he has his own indoors. It’s outdoors -up on the porch!

And he does go there to sleep tight in the night.

I feel lucky to be warmly tucked indoors myself and I’m glad Mr. Grey has his own warm place he can get to.

It’s good to know your friends are safe in winter.

Woofs from,



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