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The Daily Dog: Cats and Cold Concrete December 7, 2006

Woof to you,

What a funny day it was today.

My humom got new mats for the front porch to put down by the cat’s food dishes so that their feet wouldn’t get so cold in the winter at mealtimes.

One mat is the color of green grass and the other has flowers on its soft top.

Each was placed in front of each dish at dinner time.

Mr. Grey came up all hungry but very suspicious of the new feel of rug under his feet near his food.

Miss Kitty tried stepping on the flowered mat and digging her claws into the fabric.  Then she backed off and walked around  the whole thing sniffing and finally she squoonched herself as close to the wall as possible and sat herself down so that she didn’t have to touch the mat at all while she ate her dinner.

Boy, we all laughed watching the two of them scoping out a new item in their territory and trying to avoid those mats.

My humom was thinking how cold it must be on the little pads of their feet on the concrete of the porch and was trying to make things warmer for them and they take off like two rockets the minute the food is done.

Maybe it will take a while for them to get used to their new contraptions.

All I know is, it’s getting reeeaaallly, reaaalllly cold tonight and I’m glad I’m inside with my head on nice warm bed and carpet in front of my food dishes.

Hooray for my human beings! Thanks for making things nice for me.

I like to put my paws in the snow but I don’t always like to stand on cold concrete.

Woofs from,



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