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The Daily Dog: Too Early For Fisticuffs December 11, 2006

Woof to you,
Last night, I saw Mr. Samoyed across the street. He was out walking with his human. It was very windy and his fur was flying like feathers all around him as they walked briskly into the wind. It looked like he was going to have the fastest night walk in the East. He has definitely got his winter coat on; very thick and mighty fluffy. He likes the cold weather and is warm enough in it with his very thick coat of white fur.

Early this morning there was a fracas on the front porch. I was awakened to whiney sounds, almost like whistles, that turned into menacing growly meows. I looked out to see Miss Kitty (who has now told us her first name is Annabel) squoonched down near her empty breakfast dish; her black and white fur all puffed out so much that her tail looked like it was double its normal, sleek size Her whiskers were all twitchy.

Right near her was another gray striped cat who looked like Mr. Grey, but wasn’t him at all. This visitor didn’t have any manners and was taking itsy bitsy steps toward Miss Annabel Kitty growling like he was going to pounce at her. She took a couple of steps back, looking kind of surprised that this caller was not acting very friendly. She definitely likes to play and make new acquaintances and she shares her treats easily but this fellow was not playing or wanting to make friends.

My humom came to the window and watched to see if he was going to settle down when Annabel Kitty stopped and sat down like she was saying, “Hey, buddy, this is my house. You are a guest here so stop being mean.” Well, he still was sneaking up on her on his tippy toes and still growling so my humom finally tapped on the window to get his attention and he paused, looked around and didn’t see her or me at first so he started up again. Florence tapped again on the window and when he looked up and saw us, he stopped and she told him to be nice or go away. She told him this is Miss Kitty’s house and he has to treat her nicely if he wants to visit.

She had to rap three times to get him to look at us and really listen. She gave him choices.

He chose to move away since he didn’t want to stop being unkind. Finally he did slink off the porch but he only went a little way out into the lawn where he settled down there to whine and growl some more.

Miss Annabel Kitty, looked bug eyed, like she was still surprised by his behavior, and she settled down on her territory looking mighty glad someone helped set the rules of the house.

My humom did not put any early breakfast out this morning. She’s not going to give treats to strangers who make moves like they’re going to hit one of our family.

I guess breakfast will be a little later this morning.

I may as well take a snooze.

Woofs from,



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