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The Daily Dog: Sounds and Silence December 16, 2006

Woof to you,

How was your Saturday morning? Mine was just dandy and oh so silent up until 10 o clock. Then sirens went off, piercing the air with woo-wooing, roo-rooing until they wound down like they ran out of air.

I was wide awake then!

And so was the whole neighborhood.

We were up and at em!

It’s a holiday weekend. It’s Hannukkah and there are candles in the windows. I like how nice that looks when Tom and I take our nightly walks. It’s like the windows are saying, “We are nice and warm and happy together in here.”

Of course there are lawns all decked out for Christmas time too. Reindeer and Santas all lit up and Snowpeople and Angels and colored lights on bushes and trees.

It all makes for a very festive evening out. I feel like dancing in the crisp night air. There are so many nifty smells outside. Lots of piney smells and I can sniff that there are lots of dogs and their humans taking evening strolls too.

The cats have settled down on their new mats by their dishes and Little Possum loves sitting on the flowered mat to snuffle up his kibbley bits.

The cats take their time getting used to new things. I guess that is good. They are cautious critters and that is a part of their sensitivity which keeps them safe.

It’s OK to take your time seeing if you like something new or not. You make your own choices.

Me? I like choices.  I sniff things like chips that fall on the floor and I know I’m not much of a potato chip or Dorito dog myself.   There’s not much I don’t like but I will pass on those.

It’s good to know what you like and what you do not like.

My best buddy, Shasta, used to love raisins.  Not me.  She would jump sky high to catch those in her mouth and she never missed a one-no matter how tiny.

She could pick raisins, daintily out of bread.

You know I like bread-almost any kind- but not the raisins.

I draw the line at raisins.

What favorite treats would you jump for?

Woofs from,



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