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The Daily Dog: Ice Skating Cats January 25, 2007

Woof to you,

The cats have officially claimed the backyard pool as their ice skating rink.

Miss Annabel Kitty and her friends, The Calico and Tiger White all were hopping in and out of the swimming pool where the water has frozen solid.

Sometimes they lick the ice like a popsicle and sometimes they chase each other, skidding across the ice on their paws.  When they get to the edges of the pool, they hop out and figure out their next best move to get the other cats.  They circle around and pounce on the nearest fur figure skater and off they go in circles again; all sliding on the pads of their feet, making claw marks in the ice and snow on its surface.

Yes, it snowed a little and it is snowing again today.  Miss Annabel Kitty climbed the fence and sat there looking every which way as the flakes fell.  She was mesmerized by their dancing in the air.

She and her friends dashed all over the yard, up trees and down, trying to catch snowflakes  with their paws.  They were having the best time and it was fun to watch them.

Me? I’m an old paw at this snow stuff.  I go outside and sit and let the lovely, light ice crystals fall on my nose and tongue and wait for the pile up, so I have lots of slushies yet to nibble on.

I think this is Miss Annabel Kitty’s first winter, so everything is new and exciting to her and she fluffs out her fur in delight at all the new things around her; like frosty air with all it’s crisp clean smells and ice in her dish to quench her thirst and crunch her pointy teeth on.

For sure, ice skating on the frozen backyard swimming pool is a new activity for her and her friends and they are so funny to watch.  Skid skid here.  Streak, skid there.  Wheeeeee! They are a riot.  And Miss Annabelle Kitty is the funniest one of all.

Her head turns this way and that as she tries to figure out what these white frosties are and where they are coming from and how can she catch them.

Her eyes are bright with her excitement and she is like a child in delight with a new experience and everything is a toy for playing.

Mr Grey went up on the roof and nearly fell off this morning, when my humom opened the upstairs window and was face to face with him.  She talked quietly with him but boy, did she ever startle him as he was on his way to the upstairs porch for his mid morning nap in his little hideaway there.

I can hear the pitty pat of his little feet when he runs across the roof.  He must have been tippy toeing because my humom was as surprised as he was.  She hadn’t heard him either.

Ha ha! Surprise for both of them.

Have you seen snow where you are?

What do you like best about it?

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: January 23, 2007

Woof to you,

Wowser!  There is ice in my water dish outside every day.  Now we’re talkin!

Of course I am wanting that pause that refreshes quite often in one set of 24 hours so I’m buggin my humans night and day.

I go to the kitchen door and stare at it and if that doesn’t work, I walk back and forth near them or stand in front of the TV and stare them down until they get the hint.  Dog wants out!

Of course they think I want to go out for a good length of time but NOOOOOOOO!

The dog just wants a drink of water, folks, and I don’t mean that tepid indoor stuff in the bowl next to my kibble.

After my very few minutes of lapping the cool cool ice, I’m ready to come back in, so I give a nice sharp bark and stand at attention at the back door.

If they don’t show up pretty quick, I give em another bark..a little louder.  If they miss that one, I let go with a higher pitched tone.  That usually gets em on the run.

They say, “Don’t you want to stay out longer?”

Ha! Are they kidding?  It’s cold out there.

By the time the day and evening is drawing to a close, they pretty much don’t want to schlepp to the door anymore but, heh heh, you know I want just one more little drinky before I sack out for the night.

I’m thinking my making them run back and forth is a good thing…a good workout for them and a good winter thirst quenching for me!

I bet they don’t much agree but they do know how much I love ice water in the Winter.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: I’m Dreaming Of….. January 19, 2007

Woof to you,

Well at last at last! We got some snow. OK not as much as I like but it was encouraging to go out for my nightly constitutional and pad through a hint of winter.

If I could have my way, it’d be a couple of mountains of the stuff (with roads cleared for humans to get around safely, of course) to romp in, sit on and chomp, chomp, chomp!

It’s Miss Annabel Kitty’s first winter and she was pretty interested in the little bits of swirling stuff in the air. Mr Grey is an old hand at this. He just snuggled into his new boxy bed on the front porch, curled himself into a ball inside and never moved a muscle all night.

You could hear cat snoring from inside the front window!

Swirl, swirl swirl…soon the ground had it’s own blanket. Soft and white in the middle of the night.

Slurpies and Shave Ice got nothin on this. It would be the flavor of Mother Nature and last til Springtime’s end.

Hey, I’m wearing my fur coat. Bring it on Mother N!

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: For Barking’s Sake January 12, 2007

Woof to you,

This has been the day of  non stop barking… and not by me.

There’s a new dog in the neighborhood who either hasn’t been taught any manners or just has so much to say, he can’t shut up long enough for anyone else to say hello back.

My humans are beside them selves with no sleep because this one likes to shout his loudest in the early morning hours…and I do mean hours and hours and hours.

I guess he is having some settling down issues but criminiddlies, it’s hard even on my old ears to take when it doesn’t stop.

My humom says she is going to go around the block and see which house has the new neighbors or new dog.  I might go with her to meet them too.

It’s not a puppy with a yappy, little voice.  It’s a deep, really loud, full throated adult dog voice.

I wonder what kind of dog this one is.

It would be interesting to meet the barker.

I bark to let my humans know when I want to come back inside after I’ve been out for a while and occasionally I sing with the sirens from the firehouse, but I have been taught that constant barking is not allowed because we live close to others and need to be mindful of our neighbors.

Barking hello is OK., talking with my friends is OK  and a thank you bark is appreciated too but barking without taking a breather is not.

I got that lesson in my puppy years.   I’m a pretty good listener because of it.

And I’m thinking that listening helps me out more than barking.

I wonder if humans think the same thing?

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Wassssup Weather? January 7, 2007

Woof to you,

OK, what’s going on here on planet Earth?

It’s January and I’m on the East  Coast of the USA and it was in the 70’s yesterday!

Not that I’m complaining or anything.  It was great to go outside and be bombarded by birds flying in and out of the berry bushes.

I watched two squirrel visitors to our back yard go crazy, putting on a show. Up and down the trees; around and around the branches, bushy tails waving like fluffy flags and races run across the top of all the backyard fences.  It was a hoot!

It’s just that my fur coat doesn’t know if it’s time to shed or fill in.  The flowers don’t know if it’s time to bloom or stop.  Just when they start to blossom again, a frost comes in to ice them in their bud stages.  It’s just weird weather for winter.

I’m used to getting out there in the white winter wonderland, eating and snuffling snow and lying on the packed flakes, chomping on a nice cool bone.  Yahhh!  Nothing like it for exhilarating feelings of good good good.

So refreshing.  My outside water gets ice crystals in it and tastes so crisp and cold.  It’s like having my own refrigerator outside-handy-right at snoot level!

Today is another sunny day-cooler but still more like Spring than Winter.  I’ve got free tickets to the Squirrel Show and the birds are already tuning up as the orchestra and chorus music.  I don’t want to miss a minute of this beautiful day.

See ya tomorrow.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: January 5, 2007

Woof to you,

It is almost the end of the first week of the new year and my humans are getting ready to take down the holiday decorations.

This year they did things differently.  We had a nice, piney smelling wreath but no Christmas tree inside the house.

Instead we had the Christmas Diffenbachia.  That means that they took a potted plant and put it on a stand in the window, broke a tomato stake in half and attached a pretty colored Angel to it and stuck that in the planter.

It looked like the Angel was sitting in the center of the top leaves and when it was lit up at night, it was so pretty.  Simple, cheery, a little bit festive and tall enought for me to sit underneath and look out my front window to say hello to my friends.

Miss Annabelle Kitty loved it.  She kept jumping up at the window box and putting her paws on the window to play with the colored lights.

I usually lie down with my head under the Christmas tree so I look like a present waiting to be opened, but this year it was a little bit different…”streamlined my humom said.

Then they hung the wreath with its red ribbon in the front window, from a plant hanger and the whole living room smelled deeeeeee-vine!

It’s really a dog’s holiday when smells are included.  I can see the fun and feel the niceness of it all when there are interesting smells around.  That makes me happy.

After all my nose is my eyes.

Happy New Year and may there be many interesting things in all days to smell.

Woofs from,



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