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The Daily Dog: January 5, 2007

Woof to you,

It is almost the end of the first week of the new year and my humans are getting ready to take down the holiday decorations.

This year they did things differently.  We had a nice, piney smelling wreath but no Christmas tree inside the house.

Instead we had the Christmas Diffenbachia.  That means that they took a potted plant and put it on a stand in the window, broke a tomato stake in half and attached a pretty colored Angel to it and stuck that in the planter.

It looked like the Angel was sitting in the center of the top leaves and when it was lit up at night, it was so pretty.  Simple, cheery, a little bit festive and tall enought for me to sit underneath and look out my front window to say hello to my friends.

Miss Annabelle Kitty loved it.  She kept jumping up at the window box and putting her paws on the window to play with the colored lights.

I usually lie down with my head under the Christmas tree so I look like a present waiting to be opened, but this year it was a little bit different…”streamlined my humom said.

Then they hung the wreath with its red ribbon in the front window, from a plant hanger and the whole living room smelled deeeeeee-vine!

It’s really a dog’s holiday when smells are included.  I can see the fun and feel the niceness of it all when there are interesting smells around.  That makes me happy.

After all my nose is my eyes.

Happy New Year and may there be many interesting things in all days to smell.

Woofs from,



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