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The Daily Dog: Wassssup Weather? January 7, 2007

Woof to you,

OK, what’s going on here on planet Earth?

It’s January and I’m on the East  Coast of the USA and it was in the 70’s yesterday!

Not that I’m complaining or anything.  It was great to go outside and be bombarded by birds flying in and out of the berry bushes.

I watched two squirrel visitors to our back yard go crazy, putting on a show. Up and down the trees; around and around the branches, bushy tails waving like fluffy flags and races run across the top of all the backyard fences.  It was a hoot!

It’s just that my fur coat doesn’t know if it’s time to shed or fill in.  The flowers don’t know if it’s time to bloom or stop.  Just when they start to blossom again, a frost comes in to ice them in their bud stages.  It’s just weird weather for winter.

I’m used to getting out there in the white winter wonderland, eating and snuffling snow and lying on the packed flakes, chomping on a nice cool bone.  Yahhh!  Nothing like it for exhilarating feelings of good good good.

So refreshing.  My outside water gets ice crystals in it and tastes so crisp and cold.  It’s like having my own refrigerator outside-handy-right at snoot level!

Today is another sunny day-cooler but still more like Spring than Winter.  I’ve got free tickets to the Squirrel Show and the birds are already tuning up as the orchestra and chorus music.  I don’t want to miss a minute of this beautiful day.

See ya tomorrow.

Woofs from,



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