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The Daily Dog: For Barking’s Sake January 12, 2007

Woof to you,

This has been the day of  non stop barking… and not by me.

There’s a new dog in the neighborhood who either hasn’t been taught any manners or just has so much to say, he can’t shut up long enough for anyone else to say hello back.

My humans are beside them selves with no sleep because this one likes to shout his loudest in the early morning hours…and I do mean hours and hours and hours.

I guess he is having some settling down issues but criminiddlies, it’s hard even on my old ears to take when it doesn’t stop.

My humom says she is going to go around the block and see which house has the new neighbors or new dog.  I might go with her to meet them too.

It’s not a puppy with a yappy, little voice.  It’s a deep, really loud, full throated adult dog voice.

I wonder what kind of dog this one is.

It would be interesting to meet the barker.

I bark to let my humans know when I want to come back inside after I’ve been out for a while and occasionally I sing with the sirens from the firehouse, but I have been taught that constant barking is not allowed because we live close to others and need to be mindful of our neighbors.

Barking hello is OK., talking with my friends is OK  and a thank you bark is appreciated too but barking without taking a breather is not.

I got that lesson in my puppy years.   I’m a pretty good listener because of it.

And I’m thinking that listening helps me out more than barking.

I wonder if humans think the same thing?

Woofs from,



One Response to “The Daily Dog: For Barking’s Sake”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hey Bailley, so sorry about all the barking. But you know, that dog is probably not too happy, and trying to give a message to his humom & hudad. Maybe you can talk to him when you find him and ask him whazzup!
    Lots of fuss to you. M

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