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The Daily Dog: January 23, 2007

Woof to you,

Wowser!  There is ice in my water dish outside every day.  Now we’re talkin!

Of course I am wanting that pause that refreshes quite often in one set of 24 hours so I’m buggin my humans night and day.

I go to the kitchen door and stare at it and if that doesn’t work, I walk back and forth near them or stand in front of the TV and stare them down until they get the hint.  Dog wants out!

Of course they think I want to go out for a good length of time but NOOOOOOOO!

The dog just wants a drink of water, folks, and I don’t mean that tepid indoor stuff in the bowl next to my kibble.

After my very few minutes of lapping the cool cool ice, I’m ready to come back in, so I give a nice sharp bark and stand at attention at the back door.

If they don’t show up pretty quick, I give em another bark..a little louder.  If they miss that one, I let go with a higher pitched tone.  That usually gets em on the run.

They say, “Don’t you want to stay out longer?”

Ha! Are they kidding?  It’s cold out there.

By the time the day and evening is drawing to a close, they pretty much don’t want to schlepp to the door anymore but, heh heh, you know I want just one more little drinky before I sack out for the night.

I’m thinking my making them run back and forth is a good thing…a good workout for them and a good winter thirst quenching for me!

I bet they don’t much agree but they do know how much I love ice water in the Winter.

Woofs from,



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