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The Daily Dog: Ice Skating Cats January 25, 2007

Woof to you,

The cats have officially claimed the backyard pool as their ice skating rink.

Miss Annabel Kitty and her friends, The Calico and Tiger White all were hopping in and out of the swimming pool where the water has frozen solid.

Sometimes they lick the ice like a popsicle and sometimes they chase each other, skidding across the ice on their paws.  When they get to the edges of the pool, they hop out and figure out their next best move to get the other cats.  They circle around and pounce on the nearest fur figure skater and off they go in circles again; all sliding on the pads of their feet, making claw marks in the ice and snow on its surface.

Yes, it snowed a little and it is snowing again today.  Miss Annabel Kitty climbed the fence and sat there looking every which way as the flakes fell.  She was mesmerized by their dancing in the air.

She and her friends dashed all over the yard, up trees and down, trying to catch snowflakes  with their paws.  They were having the best time and it was fun to watch them.

Me? I’m an old paw at this snow stuff.  I go outside and sit and let the lovely, light ice crystals fall on my nose and tongue and wait for the pile up, so I have lots of slushies yet to nibble on.

I think this is Miss Annabel Kitty’s first winter, so everything is new and exciting to her and she fluffs out her fur in delight at all the new things around her; like frosty air with all it’s crisp clean smells and ice in her dish to quench her thirst and crunch her pointy teeth on.

For sure, ice skating on the frozen backyard swimming pool is a new activity for her and her friends and they are so funny to watch.  Skid skid here.  Streak, skid there.  Wheeeeee! They are a riot.  And Miss Annabelle Kitty is the funniest one of all.

Her head turns this way and that as she tries to figure out what these white frosties are and where they are coming from and how can she catch them.

Her eyes are bright with her excitement and she is like a child in delight with a new experience and everything is a toy for playing.

Mr Grey went up on the roof and nearly fell off this morning, when my humom opened the upstairs window and was face to face with him.  She talked quietly with him but boy, did she ever startle him as he was on his way to the upstairs porch for his mid morning nap in his little hideaway there.

I can hear the pitty pat of his little feet when he runs across the roof.  He must have been tippy toeing because my humom was as surprised as he was.  She hadn’t heard him either.

Ha ha! Surprise for both of them.

Have you seen snow where you are?

What do you like best about it?

Woofs from,



One Response to “The Daily Dog: Ice Skating Cats”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hey Bailley,
    so glad to hear you’re doing much better and are up to you old tricks. One thing, you can’t write about something as funny as cats ice skating in the pool without showing us a photo! Come one! Woofs & Love to you!

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