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The Daily Dog: More Friend News February 25, 2007

Woof to you again today,

Monica reminds me that White didn’t have to go through quarantine.  He just had to get a whole bunch of shots to make sure he was healthy.  It was my friend, Anna, the little poodle who had to stay in the quarantine when she moved from the mainland and her hometown of Chicago to Maui many years ago.

Anna must be visiting me from over the Rainbow Bridge too!

It’s a good thing that the laws changed and animals can just get their shots and move with their humans when they move.

Way better.

Thanks for the reminder, Monica.

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The Daily Dog: Friends

Woof to you,

I’m so grateful to feel better!  This winter has  been hard for the health of humans- and us furred and feathered friends.

I want to send a get well o gram to Rochester in Colorado to let him know that Cat Angels are helping heal his big orange and white self right now.

Don’t you worry Rochester, your humom is taking good care of you and you will be feeling better each day.  Do what I did- and what I do best:  sleep!

I know my humans and their friends are all sending healing light called Reiki your way.  This means Universal Energy and is a healing type of energy which comes from thousands of years ago in Japan and Tibet.  It’s pretty good stuff.

When my humans do Reiki energy work on me, I feel tingly all over and so much better.  It’s like a soft blanket of warmth flowing through me.  I can feel it from across the room when they are sending it through me and I don’t know, I just feel better.  They can send this energy around the world just by sitting still and thinking of you and you will feel it.  I know that’s what they and a lot of their friends from around the world are sending to you.

That’s what they did for my friend, White, the dog who had to make the long journey from Italy to move to the Big Island in Hawaii.  Boy, that trip made White feel all upset inside and when he got to the Big Island, he had to stay separate from his humom, Monica, for a while before he could go home with her to his new house.   They call that quarantine.  It’s like a waiting place and time to make sure that animals are well and healthy before becoming citizens of the islands.

White  did miss his humom while he had to wait, but she came to see him while he was in quarantine so that he wouldn’t feel all lonely.  Once he was done wirth the waiting, he loved their new house and their new life together….sooooo different from where he was born in Italy.

Well, that was a long time ago and White has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge but we who loved him, do love him still and we feel his joyful presence because he comes to visit in our dreams.  I can see him having a good ol romp and he is young and healthy again and having all the fun he wants.

Everyone who met White loved him.  Even at the airports, people were drawn to his beautiful energy.

I want to thank my humom’s friend, Monica, for sharing White with us and for coming to visit me often here on my blog.

And thanks for all the good fusses you send me.

A shout out for my  New York friend, Thumbelina, the cat who had surgery and is doing a good job of healing.  I heard you had to wear a collar afterwards.  I had to do that too once and I looked pretty silly in that plastic Edwardian piece.  Still it did its job.  I didn’t bit my stitches and neither did you.  Hooray for Thumby!  Good healing, my friend.

And my friends in Romania,  Filippa the long haired cat and Rimny the big brown dog, both say hello to you all.

OK-naptime.  See you all tomorrow.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: February 19, 2007

Woof to you,

Hi. It’s President’s Day.  The neighborhood is very quiet.   The sun is shining, melting the ice and forming fantastic icicles hanging off the house, the grapevines and patio furniture.

We have one more day of freezing temperatures, so the weather people say, until it warms up into the 40’s.  Now we’re talking!

Maybe humans are celebrating past presidents but by tomorrow night, I’m gonna be celebrating “Let’s Go For A Long Walk Day!”

The kids will be back to shooting hoops in a driveway you don’t have to slip on, walks will be on pavement or non spiky grass and  I won’t have to worry about taking a header along the way.

Let the melting begin!  I’m all for it!

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Iceskating February 18, 2007

Woof to you,

OK.  It’s not true that old dogs can’t be taught new tricks.

I’m here to tell you that I have learned something new this winter.

For one, I have learned this week how to pick my way  through solid ice to my bakyard bathroom in the dead of night and I made it back to the warmth of the house to my nice cozy bed.  Thank you very much!

I also learned that no matter how many times, my human, Tom, chopped out ice for me to have a path, ice would just come right back to be slick as ever.

Tippy toeing on my strong toenailed paws was an exercise in self restraint and fortitude.  You know how much I like to go running out in the snow but ice is another whole planet.  Slowly but surely is very hard to do.

Imagine holding it in while you pick your way over an ice field to go in a subzero windstorm.  Not easy, I can tell you.

Boy!  If I could just hoist myself up on indoor plumbing!

Lucky humans.  They get to go in warmth.

As for going out to play during the day, picture me, all four legs going out from under me; all slippin and a slidin; looking like a furry splayed third base.

I can’t tell you how many time I fell down and finally laid there til Tom came and helped me up so I could get back in the house.

Today, when he opened the door for me to go out, I just looked at him like, “Are you crazy or what?”

Here’s another thing I learned:

Cats are better ice skaters than dogs!

Woofs from Bailley


Happy Icy Valentines February 14, 2007

Woof to you,

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I got the best gifts.  Ice in my outside water bowl, snow to snuffle in and all kinds of  interesting smells and sounds in the sleety day.

Woo hoo!  Chompetty chomp cheromp!

How great a day is that?!

This is Miss Annabel Kitty’s first Valentine’s Day and her first Nor’easter.  She dug up an old tennis ball of mine and has been batting it all over the frozen ground.

Mr. Grey is just watching the show with me.

We’ve been there; done that.

The hedges are all icey.  Every limb and leaf and berry all glittery and showy while they dance back and forth in the winds off the ocean.  Really looks amazing out there.

The Squirrel family is not out running along the slippery iced tree trunks today.  They are all snuggly in their nest.

Mr Cardinal showed up for a few minutes to sing a Valentine song.  He was all dressed up in his bright red feathery suit and though he didn’t stay long, it was nice to have him visit in the brruhhh cold.

It’s a good day to feel love in the world.  I love my humans and my friends and today I love being toasty warm next to the heat in the house on my comfy bed.

I’m glad I can see how much the cats and birds are loving this day too.

I think the hedges love dancing in the wind with their arms all dressed up in see through ice costume and the wind sure is loving its own dance too.

Wow! So much love in the world.

Yea, Mother Nature, you must really love us to put on such a good show for us all.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Recovering February 1, 2007

Woof to you,

I have been as they say, “under the weather.” Did you miss me?

I missed you.

My humans had to take me to the doggie doctor to get some tests and medicine for me.

I am lucky that they love me and care so much about me.

Boy, I was draggin my tail, I can tell ya. I could hardly get my butt into the car and that was the little red sports car, too…close to the ground-not the high up SUV. Oh, man, I would never have made it into that car without a crane to lift my tired, achy body up and over.

It turns out that I had an infection of some kind in my body.  I think it felt like the biggest flu a human has ever described.

You should have seen Tom try to cart me to my favorite outdoor water dish with all the delicious ice in it. Even that didn’t tempt my bones to move.  I was third base.  A lump on a log.
I think I have been sleeping for days and that is quite all right for me.

Lucky for me I do that really well.

The vet gave me some very tasty, chewable antibiotic tablets that are yummy. No problema here getting me to take my medicine.

Just got back from my check up and doggie doc says I’m way better and my tests came back all in the right healthy range.

Still, have to take the medicine but as long as it tastes good and a dog bone follows as a chaser, with a nice cooool, crispy drink of my outside ice water, I’m a happy, dappy camper.

Thanks Tom for being nurse, chauffeur and at home pet vet for me.  I love ya, Big Guy!

Thanks to my humom, Florence, too for all the Reiki energy work she did on me. That felt so nice and calming and loving too.

I hope all pets can have that kind of love and care.

Woofs from,



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