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The Daily Dog: Recovering February 1, 2007

Woof to you,

I have been as they say, “under the weather.” Did you miss me?

I missed you.

My humans had to take me to the doggie doctor to get some tests and medicine for me.

I am lucky that they love me and care so much about me.

Boy, I was draggin my tail, I can tell ya. I could hardly get my butt into the car and that was the little red sports car, too…close to the ground-not the high up SUV. Oh, man, I would never have made it into that car without a crane to lift my tired, achy body up and over.

It turns out that I had an infection of some kind in my body.  I think it felt like the biggest flu a human has ever described.

You should have seen Tom try to cart me to my favorite outdoor water dish with all the delicious ice in it. Even that didn’t tempt my bones to move.  I was third base.  A lump on a log.
I think I have been sleeping for days and that is quite all right for me.

Lucky for me I do that really well.

The vet gave me some very tasty, chewable antibiotic tablets that are yummy. No problema here getting me to take my medicine.

Just got back from my check up and doggie doc says I’m way better and my tests came back all in the right healthy range.

Still, have to take the medicine but as long as it tastes good and a dog bone follows as a chaser, with a nice cooool, crispy drink of my outside ice water, I’m a happy, dappy camper.

Thanks Tom for being nurse, chauffeur and at home pet vet for me.  I love ya, Big Guy!

Thanks to my humom, Florence, too for all the Reiki energy work she did on me. That felt so nice and calming and loving too.

I hope all pets can have that kind of love and care.

Woofs from,



One Response to “The Daily Dog: Recovering”

  1. Monica Says:

    Oh yeah, Bailley, I missed you!!!! So glad to hear from your humom and your blog that you’re doing so much better! I know exactly how hard it must have been to have to get into the car, even the low red sportscar. It was hard for my dog, too, but he still did his best and I had to lift his butt many times.
    Sounds like you love ice, too! Do you like popsicles as well? White looooooved them! After a hike we would stop and buy two, one for me and one for him. I’d hold it for him and he’d take bites off of it. Of course, he’d finish his faster than I’d finish mine, and then he would want some of mine, too. Which he got 😀
    Take good care, and enjoy your sleep. Love & fuzzies. Monica

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