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Happy Icy Valentines February 14, 2007

Woof to you,

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I got the best gifts.  Ice in my outside water bowl, snow to snuffle in and all kinds of  interesting smells and sounds in the sleety day.

Woo hoo!  Chompetty chomp cheromp!

How great a day is that?!

This is Miss Annabel Kitty’s first Valentine’s Day and her first Nor’easter.  She dug up an old tennis ball of mine and has been batting it all over the frozen ground.

Mr. Grey is just watching the show with me.

We’ve been there; done that.

The hedges are all icey.  Every limb and leaf and berry all glittery and showy while they dance back and forth in the winds off the ocean.  Really looks amazing out there.

The Squirrel family is not out running along the slippery iced tree trunks today.  They are all snuggly in their nest.

Mr Cardinal showed up for a few minutes to sing a Valentine song.  He was all dressed up in his bright red feathery suit and though he didn’t stay long, it was nice to have him visit in the brruhhh cold.

It’s a good day to feel love in the world.  I love my humans and my friends and today I love being toasty warm next to the heat in the house on my comfy bed.

I’m glad I can see how much the cats and birds are loving this day too.

I think the hedges love dancing in the wind with their arms all dressed up in see through ice costume and the wind sure is loving its own dance too.

Wow! So much love in the world.

Yea, Mother Nature, you must really love us to put on such a good show for us all.

Woofs from,



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