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The Daily Dog: Iceskating February 18, 2007

Woof to you,

OK.  It’s not true that old dogs can’t be taught new tricks.

I’m here to tell you that I have learned something new this winter.

For one, I have learned this week how to pick my way  through solid ice to my bakyard bathroom in the dead of night and I made it back to the warmth of the house to my nice cozy bed.  Thank you very much!

I also learned that no matter how many times, my human, Tom, chopped out ice for me to have a path, ice would just come right back to be slick as ever.

Tippy toeing on my strong toenailed paws was an exercise in self restraint and fortitude.  You know how much I like to go running out in the snow but ice is another whole planet.  Slowly but surely is very hard to do.

Imagine holding it in while you pick your way over an ice field to go in a subzero windstorm.  Not easy, I can tell you.

Boy!  If I could just hoist myself up on indoor plumbing!

Lucky humans.  They get to go in warmth.

As for going out to play during the day, picture me, all four legs going out from under me; all slippin and a slidin; looking like a furry splayed third base.

I can’t tell you how many time I fell down and finally laid there til Tom came and helped me up so I could get back in the house.

Today, when he opened the door for me to go out, I just looked at him like, “Are you crazy or what?”

Here’s another thing I learned:

Cats are better ice skaters than dogs!

Woofs from Bailley


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