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The Daily Dog: Tulip Dreams March 1, 2007

Woof to you,

Happy March 1st!

I’m lying under a canopy of ruby red and pink tulips.  It’s like being sheltered by long green  leaves and pretty petals.

Inside the house!

My human, Tom, brought two big glass jars of them home one day and there were no flowers on them at all.  Just two jugs of green leaves and you could see through the jars to the bulbs and white hairy roots.

They sit on either side of my favorite afternoon nap spot by the front window and now they have all these flowers growing out of them.  It’s like they exploded overnight.

Lying here on the rug, looking up, feels like I am outside while still being inside.

Pretty neat.

I’m watching them grow as I’m snoozing and dreaming.

I’m thinking if it warms up outside like it has the last couple of days, there will be tulips sprouting from the ground outside my door.

I do like to stop and smell the flowers, you know.

How about you?

Woofs from Bailley


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