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The Daily Dog: May 25, 2007

Woof to you,

I’ve been thinking, and well, I have to say that I am mighty grateful for some of the things humans have invented.

Today as the heat rises outside, I am cool on the inside because there is a nice fan making breezes all over my furry coat when I take my outside to inside break.  Oooh! I love it!  Can you see me smiling?

There is something to be said for laying in the sun.  I’ve been doing that most of the day.  It feels sooooo good.   My bones are sighing, “Yeahhhh!  Oh, Yeahhh!”

I think I’m letting Winter out of my bones and welcoming Summer.

Still, like I said, a breath of fresh air cooling me from that fan is a perfect complement to El Sol shining down from the sky; like cool water after a good run, muscles all warmed up.

There is another thing that I like that humans created…ice makers.  I love a good ice cube chomp on a hot day too. When my humans put a whole bunch of ice cubes in my water dish, you can call that Dog Slushy! Yummedy Yum Yum.

These are just a couple of my doggie thoughts for the day so far.  Got to get back out under that Maple tree.  The leaves are calling me.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Sunshine Sense May 24, 2007

Woof to you,

Ahhhhh!  Today is a beautiful day for lolling in the soft, green grass.  I love to roll and scritch scratch my back and make bicycle pedals of my feet in the air.

The big fat leaves on the spreading maple tree give me lots of good shade and so I can choose to lay in the sun for while and then nap in the shade.

I can see everyone who passes by our house and I sniff hello and get some pretty good pats and pets.  Even people who don’t know me and aren’t sure if it’s safe to go near this big dog will give me a smile or a wave and hello.

We got a new mailman this year and he is so funny.  At first he wasn’t sure if it was OK to pet me but we are now friends and sometimes he even brings me a treat.  He always has a good conversation with me as I give him the cold nose and a “Hi, how are ya?!”  nuzzle.   He laughs a lot now when he comes to our house.

Mr. Grey and Miss Annabel Kitty have taken off somewhere on their own exploring trips but they will come home for dinner and a nice sit in the sunset together.

Everything smells so good today.  The air is breezy off the ocean and I can smell the seagulls and fishy smells and even the construction that is going on in our neighborhood…sounds and smells of sawing wood.  Mmmm.   All smells good to me.

There are sounds of beep beeping going on as the trucks and machinery do their work and birds are quieter with all that other noise.

Oh, I do love sunny days when I get to see everything through my nose!

Hope you are having a good nose day too.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: I’m Baaaack! May 21, 2007

Woof to you,

It’s been a long time since I got to write to you all. My Humom, who is my hands and fingers, did a flip on the ice in February, fractured her foot and got 3 of her neck discs all out of alignment. (these are cushions for the bones in the neck.)

So it was a long recovery for her…and me too.

I was very patient and stayed near her everyday to keep her company. I think it was hard for her not to be able to write for me…and for her own self.

She is lucky like me though. She has lots of good friends to cheer her up and remind her that nothing lasts forever and good change will come along just when you least expect it.

She will help me write again and we will keep things short for a while. Don’t want to overdue it. I want to let her get her muscles all toned back up a little at a time.

Just like walking a puppy. Got to go slower til you pick up speed. She says it’s balance. You know, like play some, run some, eat, nap under the shade tree…some of this and some of that.

Balance…Just the thing I didn’t have when I tried to go upstairs for company one rainy night.  It was pretty windy outside and spooky sounding.

Mr. Grey and Annabel Kitty were all tucked into their sleepy box on the porch so you could hardly see them.  I was feeling a little lonely and I didn’t like the night noises.

Well, it took me a long time to climb each step gingerly to get to the top landing with my old creaky bones and when I got there, I found that I couldn’t get back down. I forgot that I had already fallen down the stairs once before when I tried to follow Tom. Oops.

I crept into the bedroom as quietly as I could; pitty patting, scooching, slinking so as not to wake anyone up but my Humom sat straight up in bed with a “Who’s there?” surprise. It seemed my toenails made scritchy scratchy sounds on the wood floor, so she heard me anyway.  I sounded like two people tap dancing in the dark.

I stuck my nose under the bed to be nearest in the stormy night.

Tom had to carry me down the stairs in the morning.

And I am no small dog!

I love my humans.

Woofs from Bailley


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