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The Daily Dog: August 2, 2007

Woof to you,

It is my earnest desire to see how few muscles I can move today while the heat of August beats down like fire, baking the world and my humans go crazy trying to still do all they have on their lists, like it’s just another day.

Hahaha! No way that’s going to happen today. Already my humom, Florence, had to come home when she was halfway to an appointment. The air conditioning in her car gave out and she was red in the face from the noon heat.

I don’t know why humans don’t just watch us animals. Look at how the cats are invisible and dogs are lying like rugs as close to the cool air as possible anywhere they can.

I have a friend, named Pal, in Hawaii, who rides in the truck with his humom when she goes to the beach to go surfing and he stays nice and still; resting under the truck, in the shade with his water dish close by until it’s time to go home.

People look under to say hello to him and he just winks an eye back at them and stays cool.

So I hope you all try find your own way to stay cool today.

Me? I’m looking forward to a few ice cubes in my water dish.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: TGIF July 27, 2007

Woof to you,

Another week’s end in “dog days” of summer and I am in my element. Peace, lay about, nibble, sit in sun, sit in shade, watch the kids and clouds go by…it’s a very busy schedule!

Now if I can squeeze in a walk on the beach or a splash in the ocean…oooh, I would love that. I love sand.

Mr. White came walking by last night and the black lab whose human always stops to say hello were around for their nightly stroll.

Ah, those summer nights.

Enjoy your summer nights too.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Days of who?? July 26, 2007

Woof to you,

I know humans call these kinds of days, “the dog days.” I was thinking as I lay in the comfy cozy coolness of the air conditioning, that might just be a good thing.

Take things slow in the heat, drink lots of water, rest whenever your body says so, yawn, sniff the smells in the air and get a feel for what’s around you with all your senses.

The ground is not frozen, so feel the grass with your toes; lie under a shade tree and hug a tree; feeling what it’s bark feels like as you look up at the many greens and browns and silvers of the leaves and branches.

Yup.  Look up at something bigger than you.

Hey, pretend you’re me.  That my view of the world.  Things move at a peaceful pace on my level.  Of course I’m speaking of times not spent chasing critters or friends in a romp.

It’s not boring.  It’s just a natural rhythm.

Nice music down here.  Cmon and share some with me.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: May 25, 2007

Woof to you,

I’ve been thinking, and well, I have to say that I am mighty grateful for some of the things humans have invented.

Today as the heat rises outside, I am cool on the inside because there is a nice fan making breezes all over my furry coat when I take my outside to inside break.  Oooh! I love it!  Can you see me smiling?

There is something to be said for laying in the sun.  I’ve been doing that most of the day.  It feels sooooo good.   My bones are sighing, “Yeahhhh!  Oh, Yeahhh!”

I think I’m letting Winter out of my bones and welcoming Summer.

Still, like I said, a breath of fresh air cooling me from that fan is a perfect complement to El Sol shining down from the sky; like cool water after a good run, muscles all warmed up.

There is another thing that I like that humans created…ice makers.  I love a good ice cube chomp on a hot day too. When my humans put a whole bunch of ice cubes in my water dish, you can call that Dog Slushy! Yummedy Yum Yum.

These are just a couple of my doggie thoughts for the day so far.  Got to get back out under that Maple tree.  The leaves are calling me.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Sunshine Sense May 24, 2007

Woof to you,

Ahhhhh!  Today is a beautiful day for lolling in the soft, green grass.  I love to roll and scritch scratch my back and make bicycle pedals of my feet in the air.

The big fat leaves on the spreading maple tree give me lots of good shade and so I can choose to lay in the sun for while and then nap in the shade.

I can see everyone who passes by our house and I sniff hello and get some pretty good pats and pets.  Even people who don’t know me and aren’t sure if it’s safe to go near this big dog will give me a smile or a wave and hello.

We got a new mailman this year and he is so funny.  At first he wasn’t sure if it was OK to pet me but we are now friends and sometimes he even brings me a treat.  He always has a good conversation with me as I give him the cold nose and a “Hi, how are ya?!”  nuzzle.   He laughs a lot now when he comes to our house.

Mr. Grey and Miss Annabel Kitty have taken off somewhere on their own exploring trips but they will come home for dinner and a nice sit in the sunset together.

Everything smells so good today.  The air is breezy off the ocean and I can smell the seagulls and fishy smells and even the construction that is going on in our neighborhood…sounds and smells of sawing wood.  Mmmm.   All smells good to me.

There are sounds of beep beeping going on as the trucks and machinery do their work and birds are quieter with all that other noise.

Oh, I do love sunny days when I get to see everything through my nose!

Hope you are having a good nose day too.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Sunshiney Saturday March 3, 2007

Woof to you,

What a day!  Nice and warm.  All sunshine and ocean breezes.  a feast for all my senses.

I’ve been in and out all day and the backyard is busy.  The squirrel families are running all over the place and there are so many bird flyin everywhere.  It a mass of really good energy.

The pool ice is all gone and I hope Miss Anabel Kitty and Mr Grey and their friends realize that’s water in there now with the leaves floating in it.  If they think they’re gonna go ice skating just because it’s still cool out there, we’re liable to hear a splash or two.  I don’t think they’d like that very much.

My humom is baking cookies and the whole house smells good.  She has the doors open to air out the house and all out doors is all indoors.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

I’m off for my afternoon nap-under the tulips!

Got to get ready for the full moon eclipse tonite.

Got to rest up the ol vocal chords.  I might manage a howl or two.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: Tulip Dreams March 1, 2007

Woof to you,

Happy March 1st!

I’m lying under a canopy of ruby red and pink tulips.  It’s like being sheltered by long green  leaves and pretty petals.

Inside the house!

My human, Tom, brought two big glass jars of them home one day and there were no flowers on them at all.  Just two jugs of green leaves and you could see through the jars to the bulbs and white hairy roots.

They sit on either side of my favorite afternoon nap spot by the front window and now they have all these flowers growing out of them.  It’s like they exploded overnight.

Lying here on the rug, looking up, feels like I am outside while still being inside.

Pretty neat.

I’m watching them grow as I’m snoozing and dreaming.

I’m thinking if it warms up outside like it has the last couple of days, there will be tulips sprouting from the ground outside my door.

I do like to stop and smell the flowers, you know.

How about you?

Woofs from Bailley


The Daily Dog: More Friend News February 25, 2007

Woof to you again today,

Monica reminds me that White didn’t have to go through quarantine.  He just had to get a whole bunch of shots to make sure he was healthy.  It was my friend, Anna, the little poodle who had to stay in the quarantine when she moved from the mainland and her hometown of Chicago to Maui many years ago.

Anna must be visiting me from over the Rainbow Bridge too!

It’s a good thing that the laws changed and animals can just get their shots and move with their humans when they move.

Way better.

Thanks for the reminder, Monica.

More Woofs from Bailley


The Daily Dog: Friends

Woof to you,

I’m so grateful to feel better!  This winter has  been hard for the health of humans- and us furred and feathered friends.

I want to send a get well o gram to Rochester in Colorado to let him know that Cat Angels are helping heal his big orange and white self right now.

Don’t you worry Rochester, your humom is taking good care of you and you will be feeling better each day.  Do what I did- and what I do best:  sleep!

I know my humans and their friends are all sending healing light called Reiki your way.  This means Universal Energy and is a healing type of energy which comes from thousands of years ago in Japan and Tibet.  It’s pretty good stuff.

When my humans do Reiki energy work on me, I feel tingly all over and so much better.  It’s like a soft blanket of warmth flowing through me.  I can feel it from across the room when they are sending it through me and I don’t know, I just feel better.  They can send this energy around the world just by sitting still and thinking of you and you will feel it.  I know that’s what they and a lot of their friends from around the world are sending to you.

That’s what they did for my friend, White, the dog who had to make the long journey from Italy to move to the Big Island in Hawaii.  Boy, that trip made White feel all upset inside and when he got to the Big Island, he had to stay separate from his humom, Monica, for a while before he could go home with her to his new house.   They call that quarantine.  It’s like a waiting place and time to make sure that animals are well and healthy before becoming citizens of the islands.

White  did miss his humom while he had to wait, but she came to see him while he was in quarantine so that he wouldn’t feel all lonely.  Once he was done wirth the waiting, he loved their new house and their new life together….sooooo different from where he was born in Italy.

Well, that was a long time ago and White has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge but we who loved him, do love him still and we feel his joyful presence because he comes to visit in our dreams.  I can see him having a good ol romp and he is young and healthy again and having all the fun he wants.

Everyone who met White loved him.  Even at the airports, people were drawn to his beautiful energy.

I want to thank my humom’s friend, Monica, for sharing White with us and for coming to visit me often here on my blog.

And thanks for all the good fusses you send me.

A shout out for my  New York friend, Thumbelina, the cat who had surgery and is doing a good job of healing.  I heard you had to wear a collar afterwards.  I had to do that too once and I looked pretty silly in that plastic Edwardian piece.  Still it did its job.  I didn’t bit my stitches and neither did you.  Hooray for Thumby!  Good healing, my friend.

And my friends in Romania,  Filippa the long haired cat and Rimny the big brown dog, both say hello to you all.

OK-naptime.  See you all tomorrow.

Woofs from,



The Daily Dog: February 19, 2007

Woof to you,

Hi. It’s President’s Day.  The neighborhood is very quiet.   The sun is shining, melting the ice and forming fantastic icicles hanging off the house, the grapevines and patio furniture.

We have one more day of freezing temperatures, so the weather people say, until it warms up into the 40’s.  Now we’re talking!

Maybe humans are celebrating past presidents but by tomorrow night, I’m gonna be celebrating “Let’s Go For A Long Walk Day!”

The kids will be back to shooting hoops in a driveway you don’t have to slip on, walks will be on pavement or non spiky grass and  I won’t have to worry about taking a header along the way.

Let the melting begin!  I’m all for it!

Woofs from,



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